3 Tasks To Complete Every Week To Guarantee Business Growth




Are you looking for simple tasks you can focus on each week that will guarantee business growth? I’ve got 3 tasks to share with you today that will simplify your life and outline your priorities for business growth.

Join Tim Fitzpatrick for this solo episode of The Rialto Marketing Podcast!

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3 Tasks To Complete Every Week To Guarantee Business Growth

3 Tasks To Complete Every Week To Guarantee Business Growth

Oftentimes, it is the simplest things that yield the most impressive results. Today, I want to share with you three tasks that you can focus on each and every week that will help guarantee your business's growth. Hi, I am Tim Fitzpatrick with Rialto Marketing where we believe marketing shouldn't be difficult. All you need is the right plan. I want to thank you so much for taking the time to tune in.

If you're watching this live or listening live, it is October 1st. Hard to believe that is already October. This year is absolutely flown by. And most people I talk to are kind of in the same boat. It's like, "Gosh, how does time is going by so fast?"

Such an interesting concept. But what I want to share with you today, I actually got from a guy by the name of Sharran Srivatsaa. If you do not know Sharran, you owe it to yourself to go to his website and see what he's doing. It's Sharran dot com, which is S-H-A-R-R-A-N.

Sharran has just an amazing ability to break things down into really simple frameworks and steps. I love how he thinks about business. Go check them out. I've learned a ton from him and what I'm sharing with you today I got from him. So I want to give credit where credits due.

But these three tasks, I guarantee you, if you focus on these three tasks each and every week at the end of 90 days, six months, a year, you will look back and be amazed at how much you've accomplished. I think it is so easy to get overwhelmed when we're running businesses. If we can break things down into really simple things and know what our priorities are, things become much, much easier. 

We Need to Sell

So here's the first thing that we need to focus on each and every week we need to sell. If we are not selling, we are not bringing on new customers. We are not generating revenue. Selling needs to happen in each and every business consistently every week. So the question we can ask ourselves each week is, what offer are we going to make? What offer are we going to make to our audience?

At least one, right? It could be multiple offers. Right. But what are you going to offer to your audience each week. We have to be selling if we want to generate revenue.

We Need to Serve

Okay, so first and foremost, we need to sell. Second is we need to serve. Okay, we need to serve our audience. The first business that I was involved with that I eventually get partner in is a wholesale distribution company and one of the main methodologies that we used to grow our business was trainings and workshops. We took the viewpoint that if we could help our clients grow their business, our business would naturally grow as a result of that.

And that's exactly what happened. So if we really look out for our customers best interest and help them grow, our business is naturally going to grow from that. So each and every week we need to ask ourselves, how can we serve our audience, our community, our current clients, how can we help them? To me, a lot of this comes down to content. Creating content that is helping educate, train them in ways that they can continue to grow their business. Okay.

So to me, are you going to do a workshop this week? Are you going to do a guest podcast interview? Can you speak at an organization or an event? Are you going to create some videos or a podcast or a blog post? All of that stuff can help serve and educate your audience and help them get to where they want to be.

So each week we need to be looking at and asking ourselves, how are we going to serve our community this week? Okay. So we need to sell. We need to make offers. We need to serve, educate, help them in some way, shape or form. Get to the next level where they want to go. We can help them get to where they want to go, we will get to where we want to go as a result of that. 


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Build an Asset

And the third is build. And when we talk about when we look at building, what we're talking about is what kind of asset can we create each and every week?

And an asset in your business is something that brings in revenue or makes your company more efficient without your personal involvement. What we're talking about here is leverage. Anytime you put an asset in place, you are creating leverage for yourself as a business owner. You can generate revenue or your company is becoming more efficient.

And you are not involved, right. Because everything that we are involved in is holding us back. So if we can, this could be a course, right? Some type of online course, right? You can sell, don't have to be involved in it.

This could be, frankly, this could be hiring people. It could be bringing people on that can do the work that you're currently doing. It could be putting in standard operating procedures. Putting in those processes and procedures, those systems, putting a system in place in your business to help other people execute so that you don't have to. You can eliminate you can become more efficient and more accurate.

Conclusion: 3 Tasks To Complete Every Week To Guarantee Business Growth

Okay. Your whole entire company can do that when you put systems and processes in place. So each week, what asset can you put in place. Okay. See how simple this is? Right. Sell, serve, build. So here's my question to you. How are you going to sell, serve and build this week? Ask yourself that question each and every week.

Outline what you're going to do, and I guarantee you after look after 90 days. Give it 90 days and come back to me and tell me that you didn't get results. Okay? I will be shocked if you did not get results and you focused on this each and every week.

Super simple. I hope you found that helpful. Again, I got this stuff from Sharran. Go check him out. It's Sharran dot com. S-H-A-R-R-A-N dot com. If you are struggling with your marketing, you're trying different tactics. Nothing seems to be working. You're not sure what that next right step is you want to grow, but you've hit a ceiling. Hop on over to our website Rialto Marketing dot com. It's R-I-A-L-T-O Marketing dot com. Click on the Get a Free Consultation button. I'll be happy to chat with you and give you some clarity on what you should do next to get to where you want to be. Thanks so much for taking the time to tune in. Until next time. Take care.

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