6 Reasons Why Outsourcing Your Marketing Strategy Makes Sense




Outsourcing your marketing strategy is a brilliant way to invest in your business and yourself. Whether you need help with your digital strategy, traditional marketing, or a bit of both — there is an agency out there who can deliver the results you need in order to be a stronger business.

After all, you probably don’t have the expertise in-house to deliver on the latest and greatest in mobile marketing or VR. Get the experts in so that you can focus on growing and improving your business instead.

Save time and money, discover fresh ideas, build on your existing capabilities, and learn about new tools… discover six reasons why marketing outsourcing makes a lot of sense.

1. Saves You Time

If time were an unlimited commodity, then you might be more inclined to keep your marketing strategy in-house. However, time is a finite resource, and it is never more precious than in businesses.

By outsourcing your marketing strategy, you are freeing up time that you can spend working on the core of your business. As an entrepreneur, it’s imperative that you focus your efforts leading your business, not running day-to-day functions. For your team as well, it makes sense for them to focus on their core roles, not get distracted by tweeting or blogging.

Even if you are currently thinking of employing an in-house marketing executive, it’s likely that outsourcing would still save you time. Having to manage and train an employee is likely to take more time than coordinating marketing efforts through an outsourcing arrangement.

Saving time isn’t just good for business – it’s good for you. Make sure you invest in yourself and your work-life balance. Keeping healthy will ultimately give you more energy to work on your business and its future potential.

2. Saves You Money

Of course, second only to the commodity of time is money. Another valuable asset in the world of business that you need to protect and conserve.

By working with an external marketing agency or individual, you can benefit from economies of scale when it comes to your own marketing activity.

As an example, some pieces of software can be expensive to buy individual licenses for – from premium WordPress plugins to email marketing platforms and social media monitoring tools. (And yes there are usually free versions — but they have their limitations).

However, marketing agencies often sign up for premium memberships which they can then share amongst their clients. This means you benefit from their expert tool-set saving you money and staff training time.

3. A Well-Defined ROI… With Less Responsibility

By outsourcing your marketing, you are essentially devolving responsibility for this function of your business. Handing over your marketing strategy to an external partner takes a big weight off your shoulders.

Not only is it good for your business health, but doing this also gives you extra business security. An external marketer will be bound by a contract to deliver you certain marketing services.

When negotiating a deal to outsource your marketing strategy, make sure you include the ROI and other targets you need to hit in any contract you draw up. Marketing ROI is often difficult to gauge, but you should still define clear targets together with your agency.

Working with an external marketing team means that you can be guided by their expertise. There could a channel or tactic you hadn’t thought of yet that would be perfect for your business.

4. Be Inspired By Fresh Ideas

Two minds are always better than one. By outsourcing your marketing strategy, you get to work with a new person or team. Whoever you choose to work with will also bring with them a career’s worth of experience that can help you go even further than your current strategy.

You will discover new marketing knowledge, industry tips, and expert insights through your working relationship with a consultant or agency.

If you choose to work with a marketing agency, you will benefit from their collective creativity and intelligence.

Marketing agencies work hard to invest in their people, recognizing the value of doing so, as human capital is essentially their product. By retaining the best individuals, marketing agencies increase their potential for success. If you outsource your marketing to an agency, not only do you benefit from an external partner, but you’ll get the minds of many great creatives working on your brand.

Considering a marketing consultant or freelancer instead? By working directly with an individual, you get the chance to build a strong relationship.

Whatever model you go for, you will want to seek out specialists and experts. Whether you are looking for help with B2B content, organic search for e-commerce, mobile marketing, or social media marketing — there will be an appropriate professional relationship out there for you.

5. Build Your Professional Network

Again, by outsourcing your marketing to a bigger team, you’ll immediately meet a wide range of individuals with expertise in their industry.

Agencies often hold conferences and events for their clients, providing a great opportunity for you to network with other valuable business contacts. Even outsourcing your marketing strategy to just one individual will widen your professional network, as marketers are often generous super-connectors.

Working with marketing professionals brings great potential to build some really meaningful partnerships for your business. You may even open the doors to opportunities and the industry recognition provided by marketing awards. Many marketing consultants and agencies are on-the-ball when it comes to applying for these awards.

Recognizing your joint achievements is, of course, important for you both, and can, in turn, open up other interesting doors and avenues.

6. Get Access To Tools and Technology

In addition to building on your knowledge and meeting new contacts, you are also likely to learn new practical skills by outsourcing your marketing strategy. Your marketing partner may want to introduce new tools to your business — tools which may eventually improve your entire business workflow.

From email marketing platforms to social media dashboards, there are many marketing apps and cloud services out there that have huge business benefits. Your marketing agency should also be able to help you own when it’s time to update your WordPress website, refresh your brand, or open a new online store and launch your products to the world. They will be able to help train your in-house staff and give recommendations on the tech that’s best suited to you and your small business needs.

Don’t be afraid of embracing automation tools and other time-saving tech for your small business — they will help you grow and scale faster. Automation isn’t just an enterprise strategy — in marketing, it works for even the smallest entrepreneur.

If you’re already thinking about getting some help with your marketing, that’s probably a good sign that you’re ready. From saving time and money to discovering new ideas and tools, outsourcing your marketing strategy can make a lot of sense for a growing business.


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