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The benefits of Native Advertising are plenty compared to other forms of digital advertising. I tell people to get into native ads whenever I get the chance. Why? Because it is a very effective advertising strategy.

Here’s a look at some compelling statistics to better understand the online advertising landscape:

  • Consumers looked at native ads 53% more frequently than display ads.
  • Native ad spending increases to $41.1 billion in 2019, which means Native Advertising accounted for 61% of total digital display ad spending in the United States.

Those stats show that advertisers will spend a lot of money on Native Advertising. I mean, why not, right? Native ads have the look and feel of the media format where they appear. Consumers love that!

Native ads gain greater acceptance and user engagement because they seamlessly mix into social media feeds and websites versus banners or pop-up ads.

Admit it, most of us are hard-selling, that’s why native ads are an excellent form of promotion!

But who uses Native Advertising?

Well, to me, the real question is, are there advertisers who don’t use Native Advertising? And more importantly, can anyone afford to ignore it?

Native Advertising revenue is quickly growing and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

According to Sharethrough,

Benefits of native advertising - Stat 1
Benefits of native advertising - Stat 2
Benefits of native advertising - Stat 3

It’s not a competition when you look at the numbers. Native Advertising leads the pack.

With that said, here are the remarkable benefits of Native Advertising.

10 Benefits Of Native Advertising

Native Advertising jells seamlessly into content in the form of paid and sponsored posts making it a much less a forced kind of advertising and more organic when surrounded by content.

In this section, you will learn ten remarkable benefits of native advertising that you can’t ignore.

Here we go!


Native Ads Puts You In Control

As advertisers, we are never sure who will see and when our ads will be shown. It sucks, but it’s the reality.

One of the best benefits of Native Advertising is we can purposefully put content into an environment where it will be seen by a selected or target audience, mixed with similar content, matching intent, and topic.

You control what happens to your ad.


Native Advertising Empowers Customers And Publishers

Customers want to be entertained or want solutions to their problems when they go online. They’re not necessarily searching for products or services. Still, they will take a look when products and services look like a solution to their problem.

This is where native ads become empowering. Customers feel empowered with native ads because they are not forced to buy something. They are given the freedom of whether to purchase or not.

Publishers are empowered with native ads because it gives them a chance to advertise more seamlessly without annoying customers.


Branded Native And Branded Content Are More Trustworthy Than Traditional Ads

According to MediaPost,

Two in three consumers trust branded content more than traditional advertising.

More GenZ, Millennials, and GenX consumers trust branded native and branded content (aka custom content) because it’s more entertaining, thought-provoking, and leaves a lasting impression.


Native Advertising Captures Attention

Native Advertising captures audiences’ attention due to its seamless promotion approach compared to other more apparent methods like banner ads.

When done correctly, native ads fit in perfectly with a site’s content or social timelines. Its relevance is undeniable!


Potential Reach Is Greater With Native Ads

For a piece of content to resonate with a lot of people on the web, meaning to get more likes and shares, it must be engaging, informative, and relevant.

The best native ads never look like an advertisement. The content it serves is highly targeted so the audience is happy to treat it as standard but more appealing content.


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Native Ads Drive Millennials To Buy

According to Business Insider,

Sponsored content drives one-third of millennials to purchase.

This number is excellent news for digital advertisers who want to invest in native ad formats like sponsored posts or influencer marketing.

Targeting customers with native ads with valuable information can help you drive more sales and make more meaningful connections with the millennial generation instead of blasting them with overtly promotional and generic ads.


Native Advertising Is Ad-block Friendly

Some of the things I love about Native Advertising is it’s humble, reads like regular content, and its undisruptive nature.

Native ads offer exciting content that demonstrates a product or service.

In an age where digital consumers are less forgiving of ads that break up their limited browsing time, native ads offer an excellent way to reach and not irritate your targets.


Native Ads Are Device Responsive

Mobile is the name of the game.

Google rolled out mobile-first indexing in early 2019, which means that if sites want to perform, they need to shine on mobile.

The good news for you? Native advertising works seamlessly with mobile websites. If anything, it’s the number one ad unit for mobile sites. You see, because native advertising is displayed as part of the site’s existing content, it’s consumed in the same way as its primary content.

That means you don’t need to make any platform-specific changes to your ads between desktop and mobile. One piece of advertising copy does the job, no matter where your customer is viewing from.


There’s More Space For Innovation With Native Ads

Other types of digital advertising constrain advertisers with stuff like text requirements and graphics limits.

With Native Advertising, the sky is the limit! What do I mean?

One of the main features of Native Advertising is to blend in with the main content of a platform. It allows advertisers to experiment more than ever to reach more profound levels of user engagement and interaction.

Native ads give you the freedom to innovate and try new things that you can’t do with banner ads, pop-ups, or video ads.


Viewers Stay Longer With Native Ads

One of the most significant issues with banner ads and pop-ups is that users close them in the first two seconds because they find them annoying. They spend too little of their time looking at banner ads or pop-ups, which is not an effective way to get them to buy something.

Fortunately, viewing time is not a problem with Native ads because they blend perfectly with the main content. Viewers will look at your native ad and consider what it is saying instead of immediately trying to make it go away like the flu.

I want to say that Native Advertising only has advantages, but that would be a lie.

Truth is, native ads have their fair share of disadvantages. Let’s talk about some of them.

3 Disadvantages Of Native Advertising

Here are three of the biggest challenges with native advertising.


Performance Measurement

One of the most difficult challenges to overcome for advertisers is measuring the performance and sustainability of native campaigns.

It’s especially challenging to measure key performance metrics like return on investment (ROI), effectiveness, and impact without unified standards in native ads.


Time And Labor

An excellent story and design require both time and talent to produce, and you can’t and shouldn’t cut corners on both.

Creating a native advertising campaign is a costly, multistep process that involves a lot of collaboration and rounds of review over a long time.


Element Of Deception

Online users hate to be interrupted by ads. They also hate to be fooled into believing that an advertisement is anything other than what it is. If your ad is fair, transparent, and engaging, consumers will surely engage with it.

Unfortunately, native ads have the potential to be too discrete, which the government is against.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) generated a Native Advertising guide to avoid this possibility. The manual instructs advertisers on how and when to use specific terminology and labels in their ads not to deceive users.

And that’s a wrap! Those are the remarkable benefits of Native Advertising that you need to know.

Need more convincing?

Check out the recommended resources section below to learn more about Native Advertising. Don’t forget to CONTACT US TODAY to book a one-on-one session about native ads.

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Get the outside eyes and feedback you need to get on the right path with your marketing.

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