6 Extraordinary Benefits Of Remarketing For Small Businesses




Remarketing. It's like a suitor that just won’t quit until you say yes! Although it can come across as an annoying marketing strategy, the benefits of remarketing for your small business are huge. Let's talk about six of them.

Remarketing campaigns also tend to show a lower cost-per-acquisition than standard display targeting, making it one of the leading marketing channels and tools worldwide.

Benefits of Remarketing - Stats

The numbers don't lie. Many advertisers are using remarketing strategies to achieve their bottom line - drive sales, increase subscriptions, and raise brand awareness. Remarketing must be a part of your digital advertising effort.

With that said, here are the excellent benefits of Remarketing for small businesses.

Benefits Of Remarketing You Should Know

There are tons of remarketing benefits, but I'd like to talk about 6 of them on this list. However, to reap these benefits, there are Remarketing dos and don'ts to keep in mind, which I talked about in a separate article.

So, with that said, here we go.

1. Remarketing Helps You Stay Connected With Your Audience

Remarketing lets you maintain a deeper connection with your audience even if they are not on your site or actively searching for your brand. It is compelling when it comes to increasing brand awareness and being top of mind when a user eventually makes a purchase.

But to build and maintain a great relationship with anyone, you need to define who you want to retarget.

Defining your target market is a fundamental step in all types of marketing. It helps you create a solid foundation in launching any kind of marketing campaign, especially remarketing.

You can target every single site visitor, but you will honestly be wasting your time and money. Ask yourself this question instead, “Which people make the most sense to retarget?”  For instance, retarget people who have visited the service pages on your website. These are folks that have expressed an interest in learning more about what you do. You could retarget these people with an ad about the specific service they were interested in.

Remember that when potential customers are looking for service providers, they do not "buy" immediately. They explore their options instead. Suppose you sell a first-class service in the Business to Business or B2B industry. In that case, visitors want to know what you can offer and then visit your competitor’s site to evaluate each company’s benefits.

But how can you avoid your company being compared to other businesses?

Well, you can't!

Customers always compare companies, but remarketing will allow you to specifically target users who visited a specific landing page or pages on your site. Therefore, you need to create targeted ads for these audiences to keep your company in mind as they visit other websites.


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2. Remarketing Offers Higher Conversion Rates

Online advertising's objective is to spark interactions with users like to submit a forma download, or an online sale.

Remarketing can give you a higher conversion by displaying ad banners to users even if they are not on your site, making your exposure 10x higher than others. Ultimately, this can help build consumer trust and boost sales.

3. Lower Cost Per Conversions And Higher Return

Another benefit of remarketing is having a lower cost per conversion, which results in a higher return on investment or ROI.

Remarketing ads have a lower cost per click and cost per conversion than traditional SEO campaigns. However, this will still depend on the competitiveness of your chosen industry.

Remember that some of your remarketing audiences will come from your search campaigns. NEVER run a remarketing campaign unless you have a fair amount of traffic coming to the site from other sources.

4. Highly Targeted Ad Text

Remarketing to those who have previously visited your site can create highly targeted ad text or images to drive them back to your site to either buy or get in touch.

Also, you can create a variety of ads based on which pages users have visited.

For example, you are a marketing company offering a variety of digital marketing services in different areas. You can create specific ads that target users who check out the social media marketing services and other ads for those who viewed your content marketing services.

Remarketing is also an excellent channel to promote a new offer, product, or service to a new audience. Overall, remarketing creates a more profound and long-lasting connection between your brand and your customers.

5. Remarketing Allows You To Display An Effective Call-to-action

A conversion may not occur the first time users visit your website. Enter remarketing!

Remarketing is an excellent tool that lets you display another call-to-action such as “call now” or “schedule a free consult” to bring users back to your site. Doing so can grow your small business exponentially.

6. More Conversions Through Testing!

Okay, I know I sound like a broken record. Still, remarketing offers better conversions, but you need to test and measure your campaigns to achieve it.

It is crucial to test and measure your remarketing campaigns as with every digital campaign. Testing allows you to see what does or doesn’t work in your campaigns.

Without testing, your campaigns could cause your business to lose money and new customers.

To ensure that your business truly benefits from a remarketing campaign, always measure and track your campaigns through Google Ads and Google Analytics. These marketing analytics platforms will give you powerful insights into which ads work well and which don't. They can help you achieve the best conversion rates, no matter what they may be.

And those are the extraordinary benefits of remarketing for small businesses!

Check out the recommended resources section below to learn more about remarketing. You can also TALK TO US if you want a one-on-one coaching session about this topic.

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Have you tried one marketing tactic after another, and nothing seems to work?

It doesn't have to be this way. Get instant access to our on-demand masterclass now.

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