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What can I say about parent satisfaction? If your school has it life is much easier, if you don't, things can be pretty unbearable.

Ever wondered why parents complain?

In a number of cases, the root cause is poor communication. Many schools struggle with communication in one way or another.  

Even small improvements in communication can significantly impact parent satisfaction.

Why is communication so important for schools?

  • It lets parents know who you are, what you're about, and how you support their kids every day.
  • Great communication engages stakeholders.
  • Most successful schools have the best communication plans. You want to be successful, don't you?
  • It provides accurate and timely information to stakeholders, especially in emergency situations.
  • It helps to support and promote student and staff achievement.

If you are receiving consistent complaints from parents, there’s a high possibility the problem is real and you need to take appropriate steps to correct it.

Luckily, there’s a solution to the problem... a school mobile app . Don't get me wrong, mobile apps are not the perfect communication tool, nothing is. However, a mobile app for your school can help in making communication easier and more efficient. Technology keeps evolving and in the process, it has changed the way people access and receive information.

We live in a society of instant gratification where people are impatient and want everything now. With access to school information at their finger tips, stakeholders can get the information they need when and where they want it.

Let’s face it, a majority of parents are consistently on their mobile devices scheduling events, checking their emails, surfing the web and posting on social media. Nowadays, business and personal interactions are done via smartphone and parents have become used to this.

They become frustrated when they can’t access their child’s school events and information in the same way.
 The introduction of school mobile apps has made the process of staying informed and engaged easier than ever since parents can do it anywhere, anytime.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • Communication with parents is a constant struggle.
  • You don't have enough time to dedicate to communications.
  • Parents are always requesting information you've already provided.
  • Your staff spends too much time answering the same parent questions over and over again.
  • Your school struggles to differentiate itself from others in the area.
  • Parents don't read the information you send out.

If you answered "yes" to even one of these questions, it's time to step up your communications game.  You might find this article helpful as well - How You Can Keep Parents Unbelievably Happy By Utilizing a School App .

I'll admit, I'm partial to mobile apps because that's what we do.  Don't take my word for it.   See what some of our school partners have had to say:

"Since we have brought the Rialto Mobile App in our system we have seen the benefits of this efficient way of communication. It has helped us streamline our existing methods of communication to students, parents, and community. The Rialto team took a look at what we were already doing and helped us put together a layout and menu that is user friendly and purposeful for our constituents. I highly recommend this method and Rialto Mobile!"

Dave Walck, Assistant Principal

Grand Valley High School

"The App is now one of the BEST communication tools we use. Parents are able to access daily announcements, calendars, and can find who to call all in one spot. We have received great feedback from all stakeholders and will continue to keep the App going for a long time! The push notifications keep our kids and their families informed of the most up to date information. We have had higher attendance at events, more parent involvement, and also better lines of communication. It was such an easy process to get started and has been easy to maintain! The App has such a cool and sleek look and I love that it was customizable to my school!"


Lauren Stuart, Teacher

Sand Creek High School

It's time to make the move to mobile.  Find a mobile app provider with the expertise and experience to guide you through the process and ensure your school mobile app is successful.

Check out our FREE guide to ensure your school app is a success.   Click the image below to get it now.

How to be successful with your school mobile app


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Did you find this helpful?  Feel free to comment below and share.

PS. Have you thought about using video in your school communication plan? There are tons of benefits with video communication. Check out this article for ways to use video in your school communication plan.

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