Crafting Your Core Message To Standout In A Crowded Market




Crafting a compelling core message is crucial for differentiating a business in a crowded market. A strong core message not only is going to communicate the unique value proposition of your company, but it also resonates with your target audience and their needs and the challenges that they're experiencing. In today's episode, I'm going to dig deeper into this. I'm going to provide some examples to help simplify this critical concept.

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Crafting Your Core Message To Standout In A Crowded Market

Crafting a compelling core message is crucial for differentiating a business in a crowded market. A strong core message not only is going to communicate the unique value proposition of your company, but it also resonates with your target audience and their needs and the challenges that they're experiencing. In today's episode, I'm going to dig deeper into this. I'm going to provide some examples to help simplify this critical concept.

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What is a Core Message?

First off, I'm going to start by just dig in a little bit deeper and saying, Hey, what is a core message? And then I've got five examples, some real, some hypothetical, to just really hammer this point home and make it as simple as possible to understand. So to me, a core message is that marketing message that you use to clearly communicate the benefit of doing business with your company. They're short, they're not long. And it's a unique value proposition. Sometimes people refer to it as that. A core message is just short, sweet, and to the point. It can be used for the purpose of answering one or multiple important questions, versus what makes you different from the competition? What promise can you make that will solve their problems? What's the problem that you really solve for your clients? What we really want to do is answer that question, why should I choose your business over any and every other competitor of the same product or service that you provide? So let's dig into a few examples. We got five.

Examples of How to Craft a Core Message

First one is Slack. Many of us are familiar with Slack. I don't think Slack is still using this, but they used to be more productive at work with less effort. Super simple for us to understand, right? It's It's focusing on increasing workplace productivity without any additional effort. Who the hell doesn't want that, right? I mean, it directly addresses a common problem that many of us have in our businesses, which is it's inefficient communication. And by promising a solution to that, it grabs our attention and it positions Slack as the essential tool for a modern business, for the business that is up with it and wants to be more productive with less effort.

Super simple, right? So next one, number two, Nike, Just Do It. We've all heard of this one, right? The Just Do It slogan is one of the most recognizable core messages in the world. And what it does is it speaks to the brand's focus on motivation, performance, and pushing beyond your limits. It resonates with athletes, fitness enthusiast of all levels, by encouraging them to overcome procrastination, doubt. Just do it. Just jump in and do it. We all know that one. So again, super simple.

Number three, this is a hypothetical example for a boutique consulting firm. Empowering your business to reach beyond just the numbers. So this might be a consulting firm that hopes with business operations, finance, something like that. So they're making a core promise here and distinguishing itself by not just offering financial advice, but positioning their company as a partner in a client's growth. Emphasizing a holistic approach to business strategy and success. And empowering your business to reach beyond just the numbers, right? Beyond the numbers. Hopefully, these examples are helping and taking this... I mean, it's a simple concept, but I think it's pretty nebulous for a lot of of people. So hopefully this is hammering that home. So three more.

Another hypothetical example for an eco-friendly apparel brand. Where the change you want to see, right? This apparel brand is aligning its core message with the values of sustainability and ethical fashion. So for the consumer that cares about that, this core message is going to attract those types of It promises customers that by choosing their brand, they're contributing to a more sustainable and ethical industry. They're wearing the change that they want to see. Okay, two more.

Number five. This sub residential signing company that we actually worked with, gosh, it was probably five or six years ago at this point. But in that space, in the contracting space in general, a lot of businesses just use a very similar land message. We're the number one residential contractor in Denver, or they talk about using high quality materials. Man, that stuff is table stakes. Okay, great. You use high quality. I expect you to use high quality. I expect you to do a great job. You're the number one contractor You're according to who? That's so arbitrary. Anybody can be the number one contractor, depending on how you've chosen to determine that. So it doesn't mean anything. It's not saying anything. So with this particular contractor, what we did is we looked at their reviews, and one of their clients said, God, the thing I loved about this company was they treated my house like it was their own. That's it. That immediately positions them as somebody different because what do we care about when our homes are being worked on? We want them to take care of the property. They don't want to leave. We don't want them to leave it dirtier than it was before they came. We want it to be clean. And if somebody's treating a house like it's their own, there's this expectation this thought that, man, they're going to do a great job. It's just really effective at conveying commitment to quality and trustworthiness, which is highly valued in this industry. And it sets a really strong foundation for the company's brand messaging, which they can build upon.

The last one is for a managed service provider, an IT consultant. And the assumption here, this hypothetical, was that this is for an MSP that is focused on the healthcare space. So this core message is enhancing patient care through technology. They're not digging into the nitty-gritty technical things which most people don't care about. It's way over their head. What do health care companies care about? A health care provider, they want to provide the best patient care possible. And what this MSP is doing is their unique value proposition, their core message message here is focusing on the specialized needs of the health care industry by offering not just IT support, but a commitment to improving patient care through reliable, compliant, right? And efficient technology solutions. Isn't that so much better than talking about high quality? Let us take the IT off your plate. Okay, no, we're enhancing patient care through technology.


So I hope these examples have helped solidify and make this concept of a core message, a unique value proposition, easier to understand. Once you have created your core message, that is then the message that you're leading with in a lot of your marketing efforts to grab attention and interest, and then you can start going deeper with your marketing message. But that core message... The examples of these core messages, they're effective because they're clearly articulating what makes that particular company unique. Sometimes they're touching on the specific problems solve for clients and the tangible benefits that they're going to experience by working with them.

So super, super important. Hope you found this helpful. If you still need some help, some outside eyes, some guidance on this concept, head on over to our website, That's Book a free discovery call. I'll be happy to chat with you and help give you some outside eyes on that. The other two of the we always have available for you is over at When we work with clients, we help them remove the nine common revenue roadblocks so that they can build and manage a marketing engine to drive their consistent repeatable marketing results. Revenueroadblockscorecard, you can determine and assess which of the nine revenue roadblocks are slowing down your growth. Takes less than five minutes. Custom report, tons of value there, so go check it out. Other than that, till next time, take care. I appreciate you watching or listening, however you're doing it. But thank you, and till next time, take care.

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