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Okay, so you have successfully launched an advertising campaign on Facebook. What's next? Well, it is time for you to turn up your Facebook ads conversions. But, let me warn you, it will not be easy.

Facebook indeed has the most significant audience base on the face of the planet.

Facebook ads conversions - FB user stats

With 2.5 billion monthly active users, it's easy to become overconfident that Facebook users will convert in a heartbeat.

Without effective conversion strategies in place, that overconfidence can mean ZERO return on investment. You don't want that.

In today's article, I will teach you secrets to better Facebook ads conversions.

Here we go!

Tips On How to Increase Facebook Ads Conversions

To get better conversions, you need to learn how to write better Facebook ad copy and you need to target the right people.

Here's a list of simple tips on how to boost Facebook ads conversions.


Set Your Facebook Ads Goal

Facebook ads conversions - Set A Goal

Figuring out your goals is priority #1 because it's the most sensible thing to do when launching a Facebook ad campaign.

Facebook is going to ask what your marketing objective is when setting up a campaign, so make sure it's handy.

To help you choose the right goal, here are the three primary categories you need to know:

  • Awareness (Brand Awareness or Reach)
    To generate interest in a product or service. Awareness is about telling potential customers what makes your business relevant.
  • Consideration (Traffic, Engagement, App Installs, Video Views, Lead Generation, or Messages)
    To get potential customers to think about your business and ask for more information.
  • Conversion (Conversions, Catalog Sales, or Store Traffic)
    To encourage target customers interested in your business to buy or use your product or service.

Focus on what you want to achieve from your Facebook ad to get better conversion rates.


Promote Content Not Sales Pages

Keep in mind that people are on Facebook for an essential and apparent reason - to ENJOY content. They want to watch funny videos and see what's happening with the people they know.

Most Facebook users certainly don't want to be sold to.

Did you know that 78% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads? That's a vast number of users who you will scare away if you put a ridiculous amount of effort or hard selling.

You need to create outstanding content and make sure that content is the voice of your marketing strategy. Get that first click-through, and think about selling to Facebook users later.


Create An Effective Landing Page

Most Facebook Ads direct people to a landing page when they click on the ad.

Your Facebook Ad is the "hook" that draws people in, and your landing page is what tells them more of the story and gets them to take action.

If you want great conversion rates, you need to have a strong ad, but you've also got to have a great landing page that gets people to take the next step.


Always Get Straight To The Point

Did you know that a goldfish has a longer attention span than an average human? That's 9 seconds versus 8.25 seconds!

Facebook ads conversions - Average Human Attention Span According To Research

What does this mean to you as a Facebook advertiser? Your ad copy needs to be straight to the point because Facebook users scroll through their feed FAST!

What you can do to stop people from skipping yours is to make your headline copy bold, simple, and direct. Use short and sharp sentences with relevant keywords to capture people's attention.


Use A Compelling Image Or Video

Facebook is a visual social media platform, and advertisers need to keep that in mind when launching an ad campaign. Photos and videos are excellent types of content that everyone enjoys.

To boost the chances of getting seen by your target audience, use an image in your advert. They can make any content look more attractive, plus they're easy and quick to produce.

If you want to attract even more people on Facebook, then use a video in your ad. Remember that the human eye is easily drawn to a piece of video content. Video content is extremely engaging and helps build a connection much better than images.


Talk About The Benefits Of Your Offer

A lot of people tend to focus on features when selling their products and services. But that's not why people buy. People buy because of the benefits or what they will gain. Your ad copy should focus on how people will benefit and the results they will experience.

An easy way to talk about your offer's benefits is to add a "so that" statement. Add "so that…" to the end of each reason to write about the real benefit. Do it every time you write an ad copy to explain why Facebook users should buy your product or service.

Here's a good example:

The feature is "Marketing Strategy eBook," and the benefit is "so that you can create a strategy to build your business upon."


Get the outside eyes and feedback you need to get on the right path with your marketing.

Gain clarity and understanding. You'll leave your discovery call knowing where to focus your marketing efforts right now to get the best return on your investment.


Ask Questions Answerable By “Yes!”

It's no secret that advertisers should always target their ideal clients. I mean, who wants to waste time and money on people who aren't a good fit.

One of the secrets to the most successful ads on Facebook is to qualify people by asking “Yes” questions. These types of questions will help reel in your ideal customer and filter those that aren't.

For example, if I'm trying to reach people who are looking for marketing help, I might ask a question like "Are you struggling to market your business?" This will naturally engage those folks that have this problem and gets them saying "yes" early in the process.


Go For Mutual Interests

Did you know that 51% of consumers are skeptical about advertising? That means that there's still so much to do to make your ads relevant to a lot of consumers.

At this point, what you can do is speak about mutual interest like location, hobbies, age, gender, etc.

For example, write in your ad copy:

  • "Live in Denver? Join us tomorrow at X gym, and we'll have a free yoga class!"

Or if you want to target more specifically, you can write it this way:

  • "Are you a super mom who lives in Denver? Join us tomorrow at X gym for a free yoga class!"

When you have successfully established mutual interests with your audience, they will start to like your business and trust you much quicker.


Use And Highlight Numbers In Your Ad Copy

Consumers love numbers or statistics because they tell a success story behind ads, show social proof, and grab attention quickly. However, you need to use and highlight numbers in your copy correctly to get better Facebook ads conversions.

What do I mean?

Instead of writing, “We helped generate thirty percent more profit.”, write, “We helped generate 30% more profit.”

Instead of writing “Save money on your next online purchase.”, write “Save $10 on your next online purchase.”

Take note that the more specific the number is in the ad copy, the better the conversion rate.


Use A Clear, Singular, And Effective Call To Action

Calls to action or CTAs are prompts meant to get an immediate response from an audience. They are typically written as a command like 'Sign Up' or 'Buy Now' in the form of a button, an image with text, or a hyperlink.

CTAs are an essential element of a Facebook ad because they act as a gateway to your desired action, which in this case, is conversion. You need to learn how to create great CTAs to achieve that goal.

Now, no matter what your CTA is, you should only have one. Focusing on more than one will cause confusion and impact the effectiveness of your ads.


Add The URL In The Ad Copy

Although Facebook requires you to add a URL in the Website URL box when creating an ad, it's smart to include it in the text box. Doing so gives Facebook users two places to click the link to convert them.

Having two separate places where users can click a URL works for two reasons.

First, it makes your ads seem like organic content since many Facebook users typically don't like ads. Second, it gives users options on how to visit your page.


Test! Test! And Test Some More!

No one on the planet knows what images, CTA, or audience is going to respond better. Only A/B testing your Facebook ad campaign can tell you what exactly has the best ROI.

Test your ads with a number of different creative elements to find out what works best.

Here are some of the best A/B testing tools for your Facebook ad campaigns:

And those are the secrets to better Facebook ads conversions!

Check out the recommended resources section below to know more about how to boost Facebook ads conversions. You can always TALK TO US if you need a one on one session about this topic.

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Get the outside eyes and feedback you need to get on the right path with your marketing.

Gain clarity and understanding. You'll leave your discovery call knowing where to focus your marketing efforts right now to get the best return on your investment.

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