How to Create an Effective Tagline

What is the best way to grab people's attention in a snap? Create a tagline.

You know that catchy, short description that summarizes the overall benefit of your company - it's called a tagline.

A tagline quickly tells people what you do or the benefit of buying your products/services.

A tagline is very important because:

  • It tells the critical benefits of a product, business, service or idea.
  • It makes a brand stand out from competitors in the marketplace.
  • It boosts brand recognition through online and offline marketing placements - TV, radio, magazines, social media, email, etc.
  • Competitors can't copy or use it.
  • It portrays the vision and mission of a brand in front of the customers.

We've all seen brands like Nike, McDonald's, and M&Ms use taglines in all of their advertisements for years. I'm pretty sure you know most of them.

In today's article, we're going to talk about how to create a tagline that will make you money and provide a few examples for inspiration.

Here we go!

Tips on How to Create a Money-Making Tagline

One of the common mistakes people make when writing a tagline is being too adorable or too clever, and it loses its effectiveness.

Remember that when you incorporate something as part of your brand (company logo, storytelling content, etc.), it must be beneficial and add value to your company.

Here are a few simple tips for creating an effective tagline:

1. It Should Generate Money

The first thing you should consider in creating a tagline is sales.

A #tagline must generate sales. It must help grow your company!

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Ask your self these question when writing a tagline:

  • Is my tagline memorable?
  • Is my tagline clear?

If your answer to these questions is NO,  CONTINUE WORKING ON IT!

2. It Must Clearly State What You Do Or A Benefit Of Working With You

Have you heard someone say "I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.”? I bet you have.

This kind of thinking works in other industries like entertainment but absolutely not in marketing. A tagline that is too clever can be very frustratingannoying, and confusing even if it sounds smart, and will likely fall flat with our audience.

Don't get it twisted though, in writing an effective tagline, you can be smart but not too smart.

You have to make sure your message is CLEAR. A clear tagline must tell your audience WHAT YOU DO OR A BENEFIT the second they see it.

So, should you focus on what you do or a benefit? There are two different scenarios that will dictate which direction you should go...


If your business name DOESN'T CLEARLY state what you do


You need to create a tagline that will send a clear message about what you do.

For example: 

Colorado's Best
"We make your home spotless."


If your business name CLEARLY states what you do


You need to create a tagline that will differentiate your business from others and focus on the benefit of working with you.

For example:

Colorado Cleaning Company
"Exceptionally clean without all the harsh chemicals."

3. Simplify Your Tagline

I can't think of a brand that has a long tagline. Top brands only use a few words in their tagline - usually a maximum of 5 words.

Well, there's a perfect explanation as to why this is: Short taglines are memorable. Remember that your tagline must be catchy and short. Save your long-winded thoughts in your company vision, mission, history, etc.

4. Make Your Tagline Adaptable

This one is simple. Before you decide on a tagline, make a list of places you will use it:

  • a website
  • company letterhead
  • trade show booth
  • business cards
  • email campaign header
  • videos

Does your tagline fit on each of your marketing materials? Does the length of your tagline suit each of these places?

If not, then go back to the drawing board and tweak.

5. Focus On Your Customers

I know that it's very tempting to create a tagline that revolves around who you are as a business but please, don't be tempted.

It is not the time for you to be a narcissist.

Remember that your tagline is not about you - it's about your customers.

It's about how your business can help your customers to solve THEIR problems, meet THEIR needs, save THEIR time, or for THEM to make money.

Always keep your tagline relevant to your customers’ needs, wants, and problems, and how you can resolve them, for it to become more engaging and effective instantly.


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Real World Brands Who Made Money Using a Tagline

Many companies have made a ton of money with their tagline.

Some of these you may recognize, and others you won't, but they have all packaged their value proposition in a smooth and catchy tagline. This is really nothing short of an art form.

Here are great examples of brands who have rewritten the game using their taglines:

1. "Breakfast of Champions"

Wheaties' tagline

What do you get when you slap a photo of the great Muhammad Ali and the word "Breakfast" on a box? CHAMPION.

Wheaties' "Breakfast of Champions” tagline is unquestionably one of the best ad taglines ever. The company used its tagline to equally match with professional sports, achievement, and success in a way no breakfast cereal company ever has.

Sports legend like Michael Phelps, Walter Payton, Chris Evert Lloyd, and many more were plastered on Wheaties' cereal boxes.

The message was clear. If you want to be a champion, eat Wheaties. It's a smart business move if you ask me.

2. "Shave Time. Shave Money."

Our friends at the Dollar Shave Club are targeting two of the most pressing consumer issues - Time and Money - with their Shave Time. Shave Money. campaign.

The name of the company speaks clearly to what they do, so they focused on the benefits of saving money and saving time using their products.

The word choice is clever, but the message is direct and clear.

3. "America's On-Time Electrician"

Mister Sparky Tagline

Mister Sparky combines both options we listed above.

It's not completely clear from the name exactly what they do, so their tagline tells you exactly what they do along with a huge benefit...being on-time.

Simple, clear, and effective.

And we're done! That's how to create an effective tagline. To recap, an effective tagline must:

  • Make money
  • Clearly state what you do or a benefit
  • Be simple
  • Be about your customers

Find a way to combine all these elements into your tagline, and you'll see great results.

Need more help or resources in writing an effective tagline? Check out the list below or talk to us!

So what do you think about this article? Did it help you create a tagline for your brand? What other tips did I miss? I want to hear all about it in the comments below.

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Have you tried one marketing tactic after another, and nothing seems to work?

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