How to Increase Your Brand Awareness




Your brand is what makes your business unique. If your prospects don’t know or don’t trust your brand, how can you attract customers and increase sales?

To increase your brand awareness and help your business grow, here are some effective strategies.


Referral Programs

One of the many ways you can increase your brand awareness is through a referral program. This is a simple process of giving customer rewards when they spread the word about your brand.

Word-of-the-mouth marketing can be effective since consumers love discounts and freebies, encouraging them to recommend your business to their friends and loved ones so they can get their rewards.

One example of a successful and effective reward program is Harry’s. Harry’s is not an average shaving brand, but it became more popular due to its smart marketing strategy.

For first time buyers, they can get a 10% discount, and when they refer five friends, they will get free shaving cream. For 10 successful referrals, customers will get a free razor, and for 25 referrals, they will have a free premium razor. To earn free shaving for a year, a customer has to refer 50 friends.

Within the first week of this referral program, they generated 100,000 leads, surpassing all their expectations.


Awesome Guest Content

Guest posting is another smart way to grow your audience. If you have a blog, you can ask someone popular in your niche to write a guest post.

This can help increase your influence on social media and get more subscribers. Guest posting is also great for search engines as it also increases your search engine visibility. Meaning, internet users can easily find your website on search engines.

However, before you utilize this strategy, you have to make sure that you have a history of making high-quality content. When inviting a guest blogger, you have to be really careful and picky.

Know your guests well and make sure they are not linking out in their bio and spreading spammy content throughout the web. Most importantly, don’t give out author accounts and own the content fully.



There are many reasons why infographics attract a lot of people online. For one, visuals are a lot easier to process than texts.

It turns lengthy data into visually-engaging and easy-to-understand bits. In fact, social media users are more likely to share visual content than other types of content.

With infographics, you can easily convey your message without losing the interest of your audience. Infographics are also SEO-friendly and can help you increase the number of website visitors and get more shares and backlinks.

When it comes to information recall, infographic content is more likely to be remembered by your audience compared to auditory information. If you have complex content, it is also a great way to explain it without stressing your audience out.


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Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing can increase brand awareness in a myriad of ways.

First, it creates a direct link to your prospects and customers.

When employed well, it can also leverage your ROI and help you create an impression that your brand is reputable and trustworthy.

Because you can reach your email targeted audience directly and regularly, you’ll have more chance of getting valuable leads than with social media marketing.

To create a successful and effective email marketing campaign, you’ll need an email campaign template to create an identity and make your brand easy to recognize. You should also make your emails personalized and create a specific tone of voice. It can be friendly, serious, or scientific, depending on your niche or the kind of impression you want to create. What’s most important is to create a matching landing page and keep it simple. 


Social Media Contests

Creating social media contests every now and then can help increase your brand awareness quickly and easily. Like rewards, people also love prizes because whether they win or not, they have nothing to lose.

Before you create any contest on social media, make sure that you know your target audience well, and understand their needs and interests.

Next, you have to give out a prize that your audience will want to get their hands on. It can be one of your best selling products or anything that represents your brand well.

You can also give out gift cards or free tickets to an interesting event. You can also take advantage of holidays and special occasions to run contests such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.


LinkedIn Publishing

LinkedIn is a great place to build your brand and connect with your prospects. Though LinkedIn is basically a place for professionals, you can also get a lot of leads here.

Unlike Twitter, you can write longer posts on LinkedIn and relay your messages properly. You can tag people in your posts to increase your audience and use hashtags for discoverability.

You may also post native videos like testimonials, product demonstrations, interviews, and product reviews to engage your audience more and showcase your products and services without being pushy.

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Have you tried one marketing tactic after another, and nothing seems to work?

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