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Podcasting is a great form of content that a number of small business entrepreneurs, marketers, and content creators are starting to use. Why? Because podcasting for business can be extremely effective.

Podcasts are like a cooler, more up to date version of a radio show (think on demand radio). Users can subscribe to podcasts to receive digital files once they are available and consume them when and where ever they choose.

In case you were curious, here's a brief history of podcasting...

Podcasting was invented in 2004 by Adam Curry, a media personality, and Dave Winer, a software developer. Originally, RSS feed was only able to merge texts, so Winer decided to tweak it so it can also include larger media files like mp3s.

The term podcasting was first mentioned by Ben Hammersley in his 2004 article entitled Audible revolution. Meanwhile, was the first company to offer podcasting services around the same time podcasting was invented.

The rest, as they say, is history!

In this article, I will discuss the different benefits of podcasting for business, how to use it to grow your business, and most importantly, how to start one.

Let's jump right in...

The 5 Main Benefits of Podcasting for Business

Businesses, big and small, are increasingly using podcasts to improve their digital marketing.

Podcasting is a powerful marketing tool because of its appeal to mobile device users. The importance of going mobile with your digital marketing can't be understated and podcasting is heavily consumed on mobile devices.

Given the increased usage of mobile devices, podcasting has become a great way to build credibility and add value to a target audience. Podcasting can help you get through the know, like, and trust phase of the customer journey.

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of podcasting for business.

1. Podcasting is a Good Alternative to Video

If creating video content isn't your forte or it scares the heck out of you, then podcasting could be for you. Don't get me wrong, video content is very engaging and can benefit your business in many ways.

However, not everyone has the skills, equipment, desire, or creativity to create video for their business.

Although podcasts lack the visual appeal of video content, they do offer the audio side of it. Having people hear your voice is still a very powerful way for them to get to know you.

2. Podcasting for Business Increases Awareness

Listeners usually subscribe to a podcast series and regularly listen. They will continue to listen as long as you provide valuable podcast content.

Listeners may recommend your podcast to others who might be interested which gradually increases your reach. Consistent podcasting will increase awareness and build credibility for your business over time.

3. Podcasting Helps Build Better Relationships with Your Audience

Podcasts let you connect with listeners on a more personal level. They allow you to build better, longer-lasting relationships with your audience. In other words, podcasts help build trust.

Remember that trust is key to building your brand. It's one of the reasons why consumers buy from you.

4. Podcasts Are Easy to Create (Relatively Speaking)

Podcasts can be pretty easy to create and don't require a ton of extra equipment. Here's a list of what you'll need to get started:

  • Skype account
  • A good microphone
  • Headphones
  • Recording and editing software (or someone who can do it for you)
  • A podcast hosting account

These items will be enough to get you going, but as you get into it you might like to have these 10 podcasting tools.

5. Podcasts are Highly Engaging

Did you know that 44% of Americans ages 12 and above have listened to podcasts so far in 2018? That’s 124 million people overall.

Oh yes! These numbers don't lie.

There's no denying that podcasts engage listeners. A lot of people don't like to read or want to consume content when they can't read (ie driving in the car) and podcasts fill this void.

And, if you don't like writing all you have to do is speak to produce podcasts.


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The Two Ways to Use Podcasting to Grow Your Business

If you want to use podcasting to grow your business, there are really two ways to do it.



Let's start by covering the topic of guest podcasting.


The concept of guest podcasting is simple - get on a podcast as a guest. It's just like being interviewed for a TV show or an article.

Your goal as a guest in a podcast is to share your story, educate listeners, and build rapport.

The benefits of guest podcasting are significant.

Benefits of guest podcasting for your business

1. Access to a super-engaged, built-in audience.

Even a short 15-20-minute podcast interview gives you access to a ton of highly targeted listeners with very little preparation.

2. Guest podcasting is way easier than guest blogging.

Guest blogging is a great form of content marketing but it's a lot of work. It takes far less time to be a guest on a podcast.

3. Podcasting as a guest has a high content production value.

You will rarely find a podcast host who doesn't care about production value. This is why guest podcasting is a very good avenue because it's highly likely you will get top-notch production in terms of professional sound, editing, creating custom web graphics, and writing custom show notes.

Podcasting will yield great results for your business. Why? Because people love to consume audio content.

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4. Podcasts are great for repurposing.

What does this mean? After your guest podcast session, you can transcribe the whole conversation into a blog post and get another piece of content from it.

5. Guest podcasting is great for SEO.

Any credible podcast you guest on will also produce show notes that will appear as a page on their website. Show notes are full of relevant links from the show and links back to you and your business.

In other words, you just picked up some backlinks that will help with your SEO.

6. Guest podcasting will create new connections for your business.

As you are being interviewed for a podcast you will develop a rapport with the host and you never know what might come from building a new connection.

You may end up doing business with the host or the host may connect you with a strategic partner. There are all kinds of opportunities that can come from making a new connection.

7. Sales! Sales! Sales!

First of all, NEVER sell during your guest podcast session. Remember that your job as a guest is to inform and educate the listeners.

The host will give you an opportunity to let listeners know how to connect with you and sometimes present an offer to their listeners. If you do a great job in the interview listeners will reach out or take advantage of your offer.

How to get on a podcast as a guest

No matter what industry you are in, there are tons of relevant industry podcasts you can be a guest on.

The key to your success will be YOUR HOOK. Why should the host want to interview you? Did you just write a book? Are you having success with a new approach in your industry? Will guests find it valuable to hear about your history/story?

I don't think it really matters what your hook is, as long as it will be interesting and valuable to the podcast audience you are targeting.

Here's a brief rundown of the steps you should consider taking to start guest podcasting.

  • Step 1: Identify podcasts relevant to your business you'd like to be on.
  • Step 2: Write your pitch. This is the hook I just mentioned above.
  • Step 3: Reach out to podcast hosts.
  • Step 4: Secure interviews.
  • Step 5: Prepare for interviews.
  • Step 6: Knock your interview out of the park!

For an in-depth look at this process, check out this article on how to get on podcasts as a guest.


Now let's take a look at what you'll need to do to create your own podcast...

What type of podcast will you create?

The first thing you need to decide for your podcast is what type of podcast it will be.

Some podcasts will switch between the different types listed below and others will stick to the same format over and over again. Choose what you like best and are most comfortable doing.

1. Solo Podcast

The solo podcast is the host and nobody else. The goal of a solo podcast is to talk about topics that are industry specific that provide solutions to business problems or educate on different industry topics.

2. Interview Style Podcast

An interview-style podcast allows you to bring in a guest to provide expert advice or motivate your audience with their story. The great thing about an interview-style podcast is you don't have to be the only one talking!

3. Multiple Host Podcast

The multiple host podcast might be just the hosts (like a solo podcast) or it could be the hosts interviewing someone (like an interview style podcast). This can give listeners a ton of variety with different voices throughout the podcast.

There are a few other types of podcasts, but most are really a variation of the 3 listed above. For a more in-depth look check out this article on popular podcast formats.

Now that you've decided your format, it's time to create your podcast...

How to create your podcast

Don't forget the podcasting tools I mentioned above because you'll need them as you jump through the following steps.

Step 1: Choose your Topic

There are important things you must know when choosing your podcast topic. Choosing the right topic is crucial to the success of your podcast. You can't just talk about random topics that listeners won't relate to.

Be consistent in all your podcast topics to keep your listeners tuned in. Remember that listeners want to hear solutions to their problems and learn. 

Step 2: Sign Up for a Podcast Hosting Service

Why do you need a hosting service? A hosting service provides the RSS feed and file hosting for your podcast.

Top podcast hosting companies simplify and automate both the RSS feed and file hosting and delivering to your listeners.

Step 3: Start Recording

Now that you have selected a topic and a hosting service, it's time to press that RECORD button and start recording your first podcast.

Step 4. Edit Your Podcast

Now that you've recorded, it's time to edit your podcast to make sure it's polished. You'll also want to create awesome show notes to support your podcast.

Step 5: Promote Your Podcast

It's LAUNCH time! After successfully recording your first podcast episode, the final step is to get it out to listeners.

Here are a few ways to promote your podcast:

  1. Submit your podcast episodes to app stores and podcast apps.
  2. Promote your podcast on your social media channels, blog, website, email campaigns, etc.
  3. Don't forget about guest podcasting! Make it a point of going on other podcasters shows. It can generate a ton of exposure for your podcast.

There you go! That's how you can use podcasting to grow your small business.

Podcasting for business can be an awesome type of content marketing that can give you a really high return on investment.

What do you think, is podcasting right for your business? Are you ready to get started?

I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to comment below and share.


We'll show you how to create a simple, effective marketing plan in minutes!

This is the exact same marketing plan we use for our business  and our clients.

It's simple and easy to use. Isn't it time you started seeing consistent, repetable results with your marketing? It all starts with the RIGHT plan...

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