Keep Parents Happy By Using a School App

How You Can Keep Parents Unbelievably Happy By Utilitzing a School App

Would you like to easily keep parents at your school informed?  What school admin team doesn't?  I'm going to show you how you can use a school app to accomplish this...

As a parent, it can be really difficult to keep track of what's happening at school, especially if you have multiple kids. Everyone is busy these days and anything that makes life easier is welcomed.

The way we communicate has changed significantly with the advent of smartphones and tablets. People want to easily access the information they need and they want that information now! We can now find all the information we need by just picking up the phone and tapping a few buttons.

Many schools are starting to invest in mobile apps. Why?  They offer a new way to communicate with parents.  School apps are proving to be a great time saver and a valuable tool for keeping parents informed. All the important information a parent needs is readily available at the touch of a button. Additionally, a school app allows the school to send out communications to parents that they receive right on their phone. School apps are becoming a critical tool to incorporate in school communication plans.

Parents no longer have to search for paper documents or try navigating a website to find the info they need...event reminders, school calendars, staff directories, news and much more are a button press away in a school app.

Here's a quick list of the many benefits of a school app that keep parents happy:

  • Quick, simple and free to download for all parents.
    Almost everyone knows how to download an app these days.  Your school app will be free for parents to download and use.
  • School updates arrive right on a parent's phone.
    Push messaging through the app provides parents alerts on their phone with timely and relevant school information.  Event reminders, school closures and emergency alerts show up right on a parent's phone.
  • Parents receive relevant messaging.
    A school app can be tailored to groups within your school (grade levels, interests, etc.) which means that parents don't get pestered by notifications that aren't relevant to them.  Half the time they don't read information because it usually doesn't pertain to the them.  They are accustomed to receiving irrelevant information so they tend to disregard everything you send out.  Relevant messaging = engaged parents.
  • Information when & where parents want it.
    It allows parents to plan their lives more effectively because they can get the information they need 24/7 on their own timetable.  As a parent, I can open up my school app and find the 20% of school information that I need consistently within a few button presses.  The days of trying to sort through the school website to find a lunch menu or calendar are gone.
  • Easy parent interaction.
    Parents can interact with the app and take part in surveys and satisfaction questionnaires that help improve the running of the school. They can interact more with the school by getting interesting and fun updates - for instance, if the kids are out on a day trip, pictures can be posted to show what a good time they are having.

Schools are deciding to have their own apps because they offer a new way to communicate with and engage parents.  In the past, this may have been an expensive and time consuming thing to set up for any school - first you had to find the money and then you had to get the right developer to put the app together.

Nowadays, things are so much easier and schools are discovering that it's cost effective and easy to do. For parents, it's even more exciting because they are literally tapped into the lifeline of the school and use the app to stay abreast of what is happening with their kids.

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PS. If you haven't seen how some schools are taking advantage of the power mobile has to offer you might benefit by looking at some examples in the app stores.  Click on one of the links below to check some apps out.

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