Awesome Leadership Tips on How to Become a More Effective Leader




Are you looking to be the best leader you can be? Well, I've got some fantastic leadership tips for you in this article.

Before we jump to it, here's a million-dollar question for you - Are leaders born or made? I made you think, didn't I? Well, I'd say that excellent leadership is a bit of both, but leaders are mostly made.

Now according to a study:

Leadership tends to be only 32% genetic.

What does this mean? It only means that with education, experience, and a strong desire to succeed, you can become an excellent leader.

This is great news for aspiring leaders who fear that they are not born with natural leadership skills.

Excellent leadership is essential to the success of any organization. Without it, there is  chaos, misunderstanding, and eventually, failure.

In this article, I will shed light on the following questions:

  • What is the importance of leadership?
  • What are the benefits of great leadership in the workplace?
  • What leadership tips should you apply to become a better leader?

Let's hop to it!


The Importance of Leadership

Leadership drives success. No matter what industry you are in, leadership is a hot commodity. It is necessary for any organization or group.

Like I said, without great leadership, failure is possible.

Great leadership:

  • Keeps the team accountable.
  • Empowers team members.
  • Simplifies the decision-making process.
  • Keeps projects moving.

I can't imagine how an organization can achieve much in the absence of excellent leadership.


The Benefits of Great Leadership in the Workplace

Great leadership has awesome perks that any aspiring or current leaders can’t ignore.

Here are a few of them:

The Team will be Engaged

Engaged employees are the ones who feel connected to an organization and are willing to put in more work on its behalf.

Engagement in the workplace is an excellent benefit of leadership. Why? Because it's good to know and see that everyone in the organization is enthusiastic about company goals and objectives.

Of course, engagement in the workplace starts with the leader and tends to trickle down to everyone else.

Remember that engagement in the workplace is important because it increases productivity and overall work performance. Also, it makes people feel important and part of something larger than themselves.

The Team will be Motivated

Another driving force towards better performance is motivation, and it requires an excellent leader to keep people motivated.

Motivation translates to:


  • Increased employee commitment.
  • Improved employee satisfaction.
  • Continuous employee development.
  • Improved employee efficiency.

Although I understand how it may be time-consuming and challenging to motivate people, there are ways to increase motivation at the workplace:

  • Improve communication - Regularly talk to your employees in person instead of doing it over the phone or email.
  • Value individual contributions - A simple “Thank You!” or “Great job!” is enough to make employees feel and realize that their work is valuable to the company.
  • Positive workplace environment - Ask for employee feedback on how to turn the workplace into a positive environment. Things like positive quotes or pictures anywhere that is visible in the office can be super helpful in creating a positive vibe.

People will Feel Confident

An effective leader is not only useful in his or her position but is also effective in boosting the confidence of every single team member in the workplace.

A confident employee is efficient and productive, and only the best leaders can create this type of confidence among employees.

Also, a confident leader serves as a guide to answer questions and concerns.

There will be Team Cohesion

A great leader harmonizes organizational goals with the goals and interests of each employee. When there’s cohesiveness, there’s no conflict of any kind.

Team cohesiveness means everyone on the team sticks together and remains united to reach a common goal.

A cohesive team possesses the following essential traits: 

  • Interpersonal awareness.
  • Empathy.
  • Self-esteem which translates to team confidence.
  • Decision-making abilities.
  • Team respect.
  • Team motivation.


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Leadership Tips on How to Be a Better Leader

So here’s my favorite part!

Let’s talk about simple leadership tips on how to become a better leader today.

Take Responsibility

As a leader, you need to learn how to take responsibility for your actions and of your people. Why? Because your people will do the same when the need arises.

Here are simple ways on how to take responsibility:

  • Step 1: Never blame anyone on the team when a mistake happens.
  • Step 2: Analyze the situation from your point of view or perspective.
  • Step 3: Recognize the mistake.
  • Step 4: Learn from the mistake and move on!

Lead by Example

Leading by example builds trust and inspires your team.

Here are simple ways to lead by example:

  • Jump in to help out when needed.
  • Be careful of what you say.
  • Respect the organizational hierarchy.
  • Actively listen to what your team members say.
  • Delegate tasks and never micromanage.

Share in the Successes of Your Team or Company

This one is pretty simple - don’t take all the credit when your team succeeds in something!

It’s always a great practice to make everyone on the team feel valued by celebrating every success as a team.

Shift the focus onto others using YOU, US, and WE, to share success with your people.

Be Humble

Effective leadership without humility is impossible! Without humility, it's easy to come across as a total blowhard. To be a great leader, you need to learn how to be humble.

Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Do your team’s job when needed.
  • Think, speak, and walk like a leader, not a manager.
  • Get rid of your ego and never take things personally.

Be a Better Communicator

Leading your organization towards success depends on your ability to communicate.

Here are a few leadership tips on how to communicate better as a leader:

  • Communicate clearly and frequently in different communication channels (in-person, phone, email, social media, etc.)
  • Say what you mean. Always be direct and to the point.
  • Actively listen and encourage employees to offer ideas and solutions.
  • Illustrate through effective storytelling.
  • Affirm with actions to build trust.

Be Confident

I mentioned earlier that great leadership builds team confidence; now, here are simple ways to be a confident leader:

  • Take a leadership course, read leadership books, and study great leaders to increase your understanding about leadership.
  • Network with other leaders to share common, real-world challenges.
  • Develop a sense of realistic self-awareness by asking for feedback from others.
  • Help your team members to become more successful and more self-aware.
  • Have a sense of humor. It won't hurt!

Have Empathy

Most of the time, the difference between a manager and a leader is empathy.

Empathy is a valuable soft-skill and is about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to truly understand their situation.

Here are a few leadership tips to become more empathetic:

  • Listen actively.
  • Never interrupt.
  • Be fully present.
  • Never judge.
  • Pay attention to body language.
  • Encourage the quiet ones to speak up.
  • Show genuine personal interest in your team's lives, challenges, families, aspirations, etc.

Be Authentic

In leadership, authenticity is the name of the game. Remember that followers can spot fake leaders quickly, so always be self-aware.

Here are a few leadership tips to become an authentic leader:

  • Know yourself and be aware of your character, values, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Learn to connect to make a genuine connection that meets the needs of a specific situation.
  • Be discreet in disclosing confidential information.
  • Accentuate your strengths and know your limitations.
  • Ask for formal and informal feedback to know more about your strengths and weaknesses.

Speak Candidly but be Respectful

This one is related to communication. A great communicator knows how to respect the people around them.

Don’t get me wrong; an effective leader is a straightforward communicator but knows the fine line between being truthful and tactless.

Truthful communication leans towards professionalism, while tactfulness is more personal and damaging. Know the difference.

Learn How to Prioritize

You must know your priorities if you’re dead serious about becoming a better leader. Prioritization is critical in business!

Here are a few leadership tips to learn how to prioritize:

  • Delegate tasks that are not the highest and best use of your time.
  • Breakdown your goals into weekly and daily tasks, so you know where your priorities are at all times.
  • Always talk to your employees to keep them updated about company stuff.
  • Spend time to train your employees.
  • Implement solutions that are both immediate and lasting.

Learn How to Nurture and Coach

Leaders make other leaders!

You need to realize that your job isn’t just about leading people; it’s also about nurturing and coaching them to become future leaders themselves.

Here are leadership tips to coach and mentor future leaders:

  • Identify who among your employees has the potential to be a leader.
  • Have a conversation with that person.
  • Let that person experience being a leader.
  • Start coaching.
  • Develop that person’s soft skills!

Never Stop Learning

Learning is a never-ending process!

Great leaders never stop learning. No matter how much you know, there is always something more to learn.

Here are leadership tips to never stop learning:

  • Keep reading books, blogs, and research publications.
  • Talk to consultants and other professionals to acquire new knowledge.
  • Talk to friends or former colleagues to learn new things.
  • Join trade shows and events and don’t be afraid to listen to brand new success stories.
  • Work at different departments within your organization to learn more about different processes.

Expect the Best from Everyone

You get what you expect from people, so you better expect the best.

Here are simple leadership tips for expecting the best from everyone:

  • Communicate company values.
  • Always show self-respect and never lower your standards.
  • Remind your people about the importance of excellent work and reject mediocrity.
  • Explain the importance of having high standards.
  • Protect company standards with your life.

Be Optimistic

When things go wrong, optimism within an organization will make dealing with it much more manageable. As a leader, it’s your job to live and breathe optimism for your people to mirror in their work.

Here are leadership tips on how to be an optimistic leader:

  • Always look for positive perspectives in times of difficulties. 
  • Always have a positive mindset and understand the effects of having a negative one.
  • Inspire your people by having a compelling vision.
  • Surround yourself with optimistic people.
  • Be self-aware that when you show optimism, your people will show it too.

Take Action Inspite of Your Fears

Leadership is not for the weak! It involves managing people, closing deals, creating new opportunities, and making tough decisions.

As a leader, you are expected to face challenges and overcome them in the best way possible. We all have fears, but great leaders act in spite of their fears.

Here are leadership tips on how to be a fearless leader:

  • Always trust your gut feeling.
  • Surround yourself with ambitious and hard-working people.
  • Let organizational goals guide you.
  • Understand the source of your fear and overcome it.
  • Work with a mentor.

Put Others First

Excellent leaders always put others first before themselves. It’s a skill that makes them trustworthy, selfless, and dependable.

Putting others first does great things such as:

  • Creating an inspiring place to work.
  • Improving the potential for widespread impact.
  • Building a better organization with thankful employees.

Have Integrity

Integrity is the brother of leadership! Leaders with integrity strive to achieve the highest ethical standards and expect the same behavior from others.

Here are leadership tips on how to lead with integrity:

  • Always lead by example for your team.
  • Be a model for ethical behavior.
  • Avoid being political as a leader.
  • Be a risk-taker and stick with your values.
  • Live and breathe your organization’s values.

Have a Growth Mindset

Another leadership tip that I want to talk about is having a growth mindset.

Having a growth mindset is believing and working extra hard on:


  • Constantly working on and developing your talents.
  • Nourishing your intelligence.
  • Strengthening your creativity and innovation.

A growth mindset is about going beyond what you can do today as a leader or an individual.


In the noisy world of business, a leader who knows how to listen is essential.

Do you agree that in a conversation, listening more challenging than speaking? Oh yes! It’s difficult to listen, especially in today’s social media age where everyone has something to say.

Here are leadership tips on how to be a good listener:

  • Show that you genuinely care.
  • Engage.
  • Show empathy.
  • Keep an open mind and don’t judge.
  • Be extremely mindful of your surroundings.
  • Never interrupt.

Empower People

If you haven’t realized it yet, everything I mentioned above helps empower people.

Not everyone is born with the ability to empower others, but everyone can learn how to.

You can start by understanding all these leadership tips and applying them!

Remember that great power comes with great responsibility, which means empowering your people is a top priority!

And that’s a wrap!

Leadership is one of my favorite topics to discuss because I believe in its power. Know that it’s never too late to become a better leader if you think you’re falling short on your leadership skills.

If you need more help in becoming a better leader, please check out the recommended leadership resources below.

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So what do you think about this list? Are you ready to become a better leader?

Drop a comment below and let’s discuss.

Also, feel free to SHARE this article with your friends and family. It would be a great honor!


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