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Small Business Marketing Consulting & Coaching to Cata​​​​pult Your Business

We’ll eliminate the pain and frustration of marketing and make it easy for you. 

Do you need help getting started but you want to do a lot of the work yourself? No problem. We’ve got small business marketing consulting and coaching packages to help you create a strong marketing system and provide you guidance along the way.

Even the best athletes in the world have coaches, why shouldn’t you? A coach provides advice and insight that an athlete often times has a hard time figuring out themself. As your marketing coach we will help you focus on the most important marketing tasks that will get your business where you want it to be and we’ll hold you accountable.

Sometimes small businesses are doing really well, but they feel stuck. As small business marketing consultants we can help by digging deep into your business and create a marketing plan that will allow your business to grow to the next level. We’ll give you the plan and you can execute on your own.

Total Online Presence Audit 

Want to know for sure what's working and what's not?

Let us conduct a comprehensive audit of your online presence. We’ll provide a detailed report that shows you the highest priority issues for optimizing your online presence. An online presence audit will show you how to get more from your marketing efforts. You’ll have a complete picture of your current online presence and a roadmap to help you do the things you need to do to dominate your market.

System Coaching Package 

The Duct Tape Marketing System Coaching package is a hands-off approach to providing marketing guidance for the small business owner who wants to handle marketing themselves, but also wants to have the support and guidance only a coach can offer. We’ll add focus to your marketing team and you’ll have essential training to create a complete do it yourself marketing plan.

The coaching package includes: 

  • Enrollment in Marketing Training Program
  • Access to Monthly Webinar Series
  • Monthly One on One Coaching Call
  • Monthly Progress Review
  • Unlimited Email Support

The System Coaching Package costs $299 per month.

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