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Mobile Marketing Services to Engage & Retain Valuable Customers

Your customers and prospects are mobile, are you? 

Do you want to reach your customers and prospects on the one device that is always with them, always on, and always connected? You should!

Our mobile marketing services will help you reach people like never before and should be a key part of your marketing strategy. Mobile is one of the most complimentary marketing channels out there. That means it will enhance and make your other marketing channels even better.

Want to supercharge your content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing? Then you need to have mobile marketing as part of your strategy, and we can help.

Our roots are based in mobile marketing, so we take a mobile-first approach with almost everything we do. Even if a progressive web app or mobile app is not right for your business, we’ll make sure the other marketing strategies we employ for you will be mobile friendly.

Progressive Web Applications

​Progressive web applications (PWA’s) are kind of the “new kid on the block”. For years we’ve been hearing about mobile websites and mobile applications. They both have their benefits and downsides.

Think of progressive web apps as a hybrid between the two. You get app like features and benefits without having to download an app from the app stores. Just like mobile apps, PWA’s are great customer loyalty and engagement tools to keep customers coming back time and time again.

Here are just a few of the benefits of a PWA vs a mobile app: 

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    No downloading
    Enrollment in Marketing Training Program
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    Always up to date (no app store updates required)
    Access to Monthly Webinar Series
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    Delivered through the browser, not downloaded from an app store
    Monthly One on One Coaching Call
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    One app that works with any device
    Monthly Progress Review

Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are the swiss army knife of loyalty, engagement and retention. We’ve got the expertise to guide you through the app creation and launch process to make sure your app is a success.

There are a ton of mobile app providers out there who can create an app for you, but most of them know very little about marketing. Without proper marketing, a mobile app is just another tool that will sit on the shelf.

With Rialto Mobile Marketing, you’ll get a top notch mobile app backed by the marketing power required to make it a success.

Having said that, mobile apps aren’t a good fit for every business. We’ll evaluate your needs and recommend the best product to accomplish your goals.

Discounted Apps for Schools

We believe in the importance of K-12 education and stand behind it with discounted app programs for schools. Progressive web apps and mobile apps are awesome communication tools many schools can benefit from using.

Benefits of Our School App Programs: 

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    Enhance your your existing communication efforts.
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    Provide your stakeholders easy access to the most important school information anytime, anywhere.
    Access to Monthly Webinar Series
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    Messaging capability in the app gives you the ability to send messages directly to your stakeholder’s smartphones providing them with timely school news.
    Monthly One on One Coaching Call
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    Complete marketing plan and marketing materials included to ensure your app is a success.
    Monthly Progress Review
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    You’re partnering with an experienced provider with a track record of success in K-12 school apps.
    Unlimited Email Support

Make Sure Your School App is a Success!

How to Be Successful With Your School Mobile App Guaranteed

This FREE guide will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to know.

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