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What You Need To Know Before Making Your First Marketing Hire
Have you been thinking about making your first marketing hire to add to your team? If so, this episode is for you. I’m going to review some of the most important elements to consider before you make the leap.
The Simple Revenue Acceleration System That Will Remove Your Revenue Roadblocks
Do you want to accelerate revenue growth for your company? If so, this is the episode for you. I will break down a simple revenue acceleration system that anyone can use.
3 Key Elements That Must Be In Any Marketing Plan
I’ve shared many times the 6 step template we use to create a simple, effective 90-day marketing plan. It’s very actionable and tactical. Today, I want to go a little higher level and dig into 3 Key Elements That Must Be In Any Marketing Plan.
Productivity & Results Secrets To Help You Stress Less And Do More
Is it possible to get an hour’s worth of stuff done in 30 minutes? How about creating a habit in 21 seconds instead of 21 days? According to our special guest, Blaine Oelkers from Selfluence, these are possible and he’s going to break down the how-to part of this for us today.
The 5 Must-Know Steps To Win the Great Resignation & Retain Top Talent
The great resignation is all most people can talk about when it comes to human resources right now and with good reason. As an employer and business owner, if you aren’t taking the necessary steps to insulate and protect your business you run the risk of losing great people. Our special guest, Eric Torigian with CHRO Solutions, is going to share “The 5 Must-Know Steps To Win the Great Resignation & Retain Top Talent.”
Four Key Elements Of Any Successful Digital Marketing Strategy
Is it possible to get real, qualified client leads on repeat? The answer is yes and our special guest, Leonard Scheiner from Geek Haus, has been helping law firms do it for a while now. He will share his best tips so you can start getting clients on repeat too.