Sequencing: The Overlooked Element Critical To Marketing Success




Most of us think that the most important thing is what we do to market our business. But there's a critical element that can derail and sabotage what you do. That's what I'm going to share in today's episode.

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Sequencing: The Overlooked Element Critical To Marketing Success

Most of us think that the most important thing is what we do to market our business. But there's a critical element that can derail and sabotage what you do. That's what I'm going to share in today's episode.

Hi, I am Tim Fitzpatrick with Rialto Marketing, where we believe you must remove your revenue roadblocks if you want to accelerate growth. And marketing shouldn't be difficult. Thanks for tuning in today.

So I just touched on this, what you do to market your business is incredibly important. But if you get the marketing steps out of sequence, they're not going to work at all. It completely derails and throws everything out of alignment. And the sequencing of marketing is something that so many people overlook.

So I want to give you a simple example here, and then I'll dig a little bit deeper into the sequencing on marketing. But if we think about vacation, when we're planning a vacation, what are the steps that we go through? First, we choose a destination. Then we might set the date for that destination. We book flights and accommodations. We might plan our itinerary. We pack, and then we travel and we enjoy. We run through this one more time. We choose our destination, we set dates, we book flights and accommodations, we plan our itinerary, we pack, and then we travel and enjoy the trip. Now, pretty important to go in that sequence, right? I mean, if we set the date before we choose our destination, I'd How do we know what the weather is going to be like or whether it's going to be exactly what we want? We're really better off choosing the destination first. And then we go like, Okay, well, cool. I'm going to be going to Colorado skiing. Well, I'm going to Colorado skiing. You're certainly not going to be doing that during the summer, right? I mean, this seems so obvious, but again, I'm using this example because it's easy for us to understand, right? That's why we need to choose the destination first, then we set the date. Once we set the date, well, then we can worry about flights and where we're actually going to stay. But you can't book flights and set accommodations until you know the specific dates are going to be there. A very simple example here of, Man, if we get this stuff out of sequence, it is not going to work well at all.


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When we look at marketing, this same thing happens all the time. And then people wonder why marketing is not working. The biggest mistake with sequencing and marketing that I see is people jump into tactics before actually having a strategy. And the analogy I use for this is when you jump into tactics and into the marketing channels and start taking action, what you're doing is you're picking vehicles, but when you have no strategy, you don't have fuel. So you have vehicles and you have no fuel. Ain't going to work. I mean, we all know that. It's not going to work. Maybe you can push the car down the road for a certain period of time, and you're getting some results, but it's not going to be effective and it's not going to work long term. That is the biggest mistake that I see when looking at sequencing with marketing. Now, when you start to dig into the tactics and the steps that you need to take within the tactics, there are sequences there, too. But at a high level, the biggest sequencing mistake with marketing is jumping into tactics before strategy. Strategy should always come before tactics, period. Always. That is a big sequencing mistake. Please do not make it.

So the right sequence in this example here is, first you need to focus on your target market and understand your market and who your ideal clients are within that market, then you can create a message that's going to attract and engage those people. Then you can look at what am I going to offer them? What are my services? What's the offer that I'm going to make to that market? Then you can start to choose vehicles, marketing vehicles, and jump into the tactics. But if you jump right into the tactics, and you don't truly understand your target market, have a strong message, and know exactly what you're going to offer them, the sequencing's off. Everything's out of alignment, and the vehicles you have are not going to work. So the sequence that you follow in marketing is just as important as what you do. Frankly, I think it's more important than what you do, because things are never going to work right if the sequence is out of whack.

So following a sequenced approach ensures that each step is going to build on the previous one, and it's going to maximize your chances for success. Let me say that again. Following a sequenced approach ensures that each step builds upon itself, builds upon the previous one, and it's going to maximize your chances for success. That's why sequencing is so, so important in marketing. It is commonly overlooked. Please don't do it.


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