Some Of Our Favorite SEO Tools & Why We Use Them




There are a ton of different tools out there, so which one should you choose? I'm going to share with you today some simple, inexpensive, in some cases free SEO tools that you may find really useful.

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Some Of Our Favorite SEO Tools & Why We Use Them

There are a ton of different tools out there, so which one should you choose? I'm going to share with you today some simple, inexpensive, in some cases free SEO tools that you may find really useful. We use a lot of these in our business. And I think if you need some SEO tools, these are some great places to start. It is certainly not an exhaustive list because there are a ton out there. But I think this will you get pointed in the right direction. Hi, I am Tim Fitzpatrick with the Rialto Marketing, where we believe marketing shouldn't be difficult. All you need is the right plan. Thank you so much for taking the time to tune in today.

I am just going to jump right into this for those of you that are listening. I am going to be sharing my screen, but I'll make I'll do my best to still walk you through so that you get the idea of why we're using these tools. And for those of you that are watching, then you're going to be able to see my screen and watch watch me do this stuff. 


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4 of Our Favorite SEO Tools

So the first tool that I want to talk about is Ubersuggest, which is a really great tool. There are similar ones out there like Ahrefs A-H-R-E-F-S or SEMrush of other very good tools. But I'm going to walk you to Ubersuggest, because this is the one that we use. So with Ubersuggest you can do keyword research, you can do competitive research, look for opportunities for what's your what are your competitors doing? Well, what are they not? And where you may want to start to lead into and take advantage of. It can analyze your site, tell you how many backlinks your site has, how many keywords you rank for, you know, Look at your on-page SEO and analyze all that. So there's a ton of stuff you can do. The other cool thing Ubersuggest has a chrome plug-in as well, that when you do searches it will give you some basic information. How much volume is searched, how much volume does that specific keyword have? What's the cost per click if you're doing Google ads? So there's some really cool stuff. They also have some suggested keyword stuff in their Chrome plugin. So let's just if we go over to Ubersuggest here, if I go in to enter, I can enter a domain or a keyword. Let's just type in email marketing. And I'll just use email marketing to keep things consistent across this, but and this is the free version, so I'm not even signed in to Ubersuggest. If you're paying for it, which is pretty reasonable, you can see email marketing here, it gives me some basic information. What's the search volume? How much how many searches are there for email marketing in any given month? What's SEO the difficulty? How difficult is it out of 100 email marketing is 77, which is it's difficult. The paid difficulty is 66. So how difficult is it if you're doing paid advertising and what's the cost per click. The cost per click is $52.42 estimated, which is I mean that's not super high but it's fairly high. And then from there I can go down and look at keyword ideas. They're giving me different keyword ideas and all the associated information we just talked about for those keywords. Really, really great info. Then we've got content ideas that they're suggesting down here. So they're giving us other information for potential content ideas. All kinds of great information. Now, if I was to use Ubersuggest and just put in a domain, it's going to give me all kinds of information about that specific domain. Monthly traffic, the keywords that that domain is ranking for all kinds of information. So you can plug in your competitors information and see what's happening on their site. You can gain a ton of useful information from that. If I'm using the let's just do email marketing in Google search in search results. When it comes up, if I've got the chrome plugin for Ubersuggest plugged in, I see right in the search results on Google, the monthly search results, the monthly search volume, and the cost per click. And then on the right-hand side of the search results, Ubersuggest is giving me some other suggested keywords, which is great. That's a really cool information. There are some SEO metrics in here as well. So Ubersuggests is a great tool if you're interested in it. I would highly recommend that you just log in, set up your account, and play with it. But that's a really nice tool. There's all kinds of stuff. I'm not going to spend the time to go through this entire Uber uggest a one-on-one here, jump in and play with that. I think I've already shown you how valuable this tool can be. So play with it and see how you like it.

Next, one that I've got is called SEOMeta in one click. This is a chrome extension. It's free. And by the way, all these links will put in the show notes so that you can easily connect with them. But the thing that I really like about SEO Meta is it gives you really good on-page SEO information for your website, for your competitors. Right? And so if we go to I'm going to type in our website here and share this screen. So if I click on the SEO Meta extension here. What happens is it gives me all kinds of information, it gives me the summary, what's the title tag? What's the description? Are there the keywords in this keywords is meta keywords. People don't use these anymore. So you don't you're not going to really worry about that. It tells you what the URL is, what the canonical the robot's tag. And then I can also see the header tags. How many H1s, how many H2s and H3s do I have. How many images. Then I can click on this headers tab and it shows me exactly which headers are on the page and what they are. Is it an H1? Is it an H2? I can look at images that are on the page and what they're called. Is there all text? Is there a title? I can look at links on the page, so this is a really easy way to audit the on-page SEO for the pages on your website, and if there are gaps that you may need to fill. Okay? It's a really simple tool, very easy to use. I like it. We use it a lot because we're doing work for clients as well. And so we're looking at that type of stuff. But if you want to do a quick on-page check for each page of your site, you can just use SEO Meta in one click and do it for each page and gather that information. So really, really great tool. And again, that is a chrome extension.

Now, the next one that I've got for you is called Answer The public. Answer The Public is an awesome site to get really good ideas for content that you want to create from an SEO standpoint. And then, frankly, you can take those content ideas and run them through something like Ubersuggest to get an idea of what the search volume is on those keywords and what how competitive is it. All of that information you can take back into Ubersuggest and run it through to see if that's going to be a good topic for you. But if we go over to I'm going to add this to the stream again and I'm going to share Answer The Public here. So on their homepage and it's free, but they do have a paid version. So I'm just going to go into email marketing and I'm going to do a search in answer the public and you'll see here. Let me go back so I want to do a search for within the United States and England, so I searched email marketing and what Answer The Public does is it gives me all kinds of question, ideas, and topics related around email marketing, and they do it in a really kind of visual mind map way. So at the center I see email marketing and then its email marketing. There's are, why, will, who, when, which, can, where. And then off of each one of those are questions. Right. So email marketing will, will email marketing die? Is email marketing dying? Off of how much email marketing, how much does email marketing cost? How, how email marketing can be used efficiently. If I look at where, where to make email marketing? Where to use email marketing? So all kinds of content ideas here for email marketing. I can scroll further down the page. And again, I've got another mind map of email marketing can, with, for, near, without and ideas from that. Email marketing is a form of what email marketing is inbound or outbound. Email marketing comparison, ideas, right, email marketing and SEO email marketing and GDPR. These are all ideas that you can take. And then if you want to do further research with a tool like Ubersuggest to see if that's going to be a good topic to cover, then you can do the in-depth research on it. But if you're struggling for content ideas, Answer The Public is a fantastic way. And then they've also got this email marketing alphabeticals where they go by the alphabet and give you even more additional topic ideas. So with a tool like Answer The Public, you should never, ever run out of ideas for what to create, what topic you may want to focus on for a blog post or a video or a podcast. All the information is right there. So Answer The Public really, really cool tool.

The last one I've got for you is Headline Analyzer. When we are writing headlines for our articles, our blog posts, right? We need to capture attention. And there are a lot of great headline analyzers out there. The one that I default to that is really easy to use is from an institute. And again, we'll put this in there. But this is the Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer and you can just type in your headline and it's going to analyze it to tell you whether that may be an attractive headline to use. So let's just type in how to get started with email marketing to see if this is a good title. So we submit it for analysis. It looks at it and you can see that it is ranking this headline at 57.14%. So to give you an idea, less than 20% ranking with this particular headline analyzer is not very good. Over 20% is decent. They say most professional copywriters headlines will typically have 30 to 40%. And if you're if you're over 40% that is a really, really strong headline that's going to capture attention and draw people in. So using a headline analyzer like this is a really great way to help you hone in and get the best headline to hopefully draw more people into reading the content. So again, we'll put this link in the show notes. AM Institute is one that I really like. It's a really easy tool to use, but there are a bunch of other ones out there. If you do a search for headline analyzer, you will find a ton of tools out there AM Institute is one that we really like. 


OK, so I hope you found this helpful. Again, these tools, Ubersuggest, Seo Meta in one click, Answer The Public, and the AM Institute Headline Analyzer. Great place to get started. There are a ton of tools out there, but these are four that we use on a pretty consistent basis that we really like. So test them, see if they work for you. I hope you found this helpful. Again, I am Tim Fitzpatrick with Rialto Marketing. If you want to gain clarity on where to focus your marketing efforts right now, hop on over to our website. Rialto marketing dot com. That's R-I-A-L-T-O marketing dot com. Click on the get a free consultation button. Guarantee you will walk away from that call with a ton of value and have some clarity on where you need to focus your marketing efforts right now based on where you are at. Thanks so much for taking the time to tune in. Til next time. Take care.

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