The Secret To Increasing Your Income Potential




Would you like to increase your income potential? If so, this is the episode for you. I’m going to share the 4 levels of value that determine your income potential.

Join Tim Fitzpatrick for this solo episode of The Rialto Marketing Podcast!

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The Secret To Increasing Your Income Potential

Would you like to increase your income potential? If so, this episode is for you. I'm going to share a concept called the Four Levels of Value that determine your income potential.

Hi, I am Tim Fitzpatrick with Rialto Marketing, where we believe if you want to accelerate revenue growth, you've got to remove your revenue roadblocks. And if you need help, we can help you with that.

Thank you so much for taking the time to tune in. I was recently listening to a podcast episode with Russell Brunson where he shared this concept of the four levels of value. This concept he learned from Myron Golden. So after you watch or listen to this, if you want more detailed information, search it up on the internet. It'll pop up. Look up Myron Goldon M-Y-R-O-N Golden and just search Myron Golden Four Levels of Value and you'll find all kinds of information. So what I'm sharing is not new. It's not something I came up with, but I heard about it and I thought it was so cool that I wanted to share it with you.

Why Some People Make More Money

Now, understanding these four levels of value will remove the ceiling on your income potential. So if you want to increase your income potential, these four levels of value will help you remove that ceiling. And one of the things that Myron talks about in here is value creates income, right? People make more money because they offer more and a higher level of value. There are all kinds of examples that you don't have to be the one working the hardest to make the most money. So I'm just going to run through these levels of value real quick. Again, there's four of them.


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A Break Down of the 4 Levels of Value

The first one that is at the bottom is implementation. At the implementation phase, you're doing the thing. You are trading time for money. And in this phase, your income is limited because you're being paid for the work that you are actually doing, right? You are using your muscles to make money. This could be you're digging ditches or run an electrical cable. It could be trading time for money. Who else? Trading time for money. Doctors trade time for money. Attorneys trade time for money. You're paying them by the hour. There's all kinds of examples of people making money at the implementation phase. Attorneys make good money. Doctors make great money. But there is an income potential limit because you only have so much time.

Now, the next level up is unification. And at unification, you're no longer doing the thing, right? You're no longer trading time for money, but you're managing the people that are doing the thing. So you've stepped up a level. You're using your management skills to make money. You're helping manage the people that are doing the implementation work. Now, you can make more money, right? But you still have a limited income potential here.

At the third level, we've got communication. We've implementation, unification, communication. And at the communication level, you're using your mouth to make money. Using your mouth to make money, right? You're getting good at crafting messages that move the masses and you're having conversations that create cash flow. We are using our words to make people feel something. This could be authors, salespeople, speakers, actors, singers. And as you can see, you're starting to open up the income potential here at level three. Level three and four is really where you want to spend most of your time if you possibly can or work your way up to that level.

The highest level is at the imagination level. So we've got implementation, unification, communication, and then imagination. At this fourth level, you're using your mind and your money to make more money. You're using your imagination to create ideas, concepts, things that really change the world, right? Our minds are our greatest resource for creating wealth and we're creating things really larger than ourselves that is helping us generate higher and more income. Okay? 

What Levels you Ideally Want to Spend your Time at

So ideally, like I said, you want to spend most of your time at level three and four. If you want to increase your income potential, get to a place where it's not capped. We've got to get to level three and four, communication and imagination.

So again, I didn't come up with this. I just thought it was a super cool concept to really think about. So that if you want to increase your income potential, you start to think about ways that you can work your way up and through the levels so that you can spend most of your time at communication and imagination. So if you want more info on that, certainly check out. Do a search for Myron Golden online. You'll find all kinds of information, but I thought it was cool. Wanted to shoot a quick episode just to share this concept with you. Hope you got some value from it.

Conclusion: The Secret To Increasing Your Income Potential

Again. I am Tim Fitzpatrick with Rialto Marketing. A couple of things if you are struggling with your marketing, you're not sure what those next steps should be to get where you want to go and accelerate your revenue growth. You can always hop on over to our website at, that's R-I-A-L-T-O Book a free GPS call. On that call, we will talk about your goals, plans, strategies and help guide you on the best direction you should head based on where you are and where you want to get to. The other thing I want to make available to you is over at Over there you will find the video, the template and the sample plans for the 90 day marketing plan template that we use for our business and our clients. It's super simple. It makes the planning process very easy so that you can create a plan and start working that plan so you can start getting results today.

So thanks so much for tuning in. Till next time, take care.

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