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Want to know one of the most effective ways to make customers notice you in this crowded market? Send a great welcome email. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but I’ll let you in on some email marketing secrets in today’s article.

What is a welcome email anyway? A welcome email is typically the first or second email that a new email subscriber receives when they subscribe to your email list. It welcomes people into your community, audience, and world.

What makes welcome emails effective? Here are some stats:

  • Subscribers who receive welcome emails show 33% more engagement with the brand. Not just this, brands who send welcome emails have a higher chance of customer engagement and generating loyal customers. - InboxArmy
  • Welcome emails have an astonishing 98.39% open rate and a 37.26% click-through rate. - GetResponse
  • 74% of consumers expect a welcome email as soon as they subscribe - WordStream.
  • Welcome emails with offers can boost revenue by 30% per email, compared to welcome emails without offers. - Invesp

Need I say more?

Sending people a great welcome email is crucial to the success of your email marketing and business in general.

Why Do You Need To Send A Great Welcome Email?

The quick and straightforward answer to this question is welcome emails work!

The stats above prove that welcome emails are more engaging than other marketing emails.

Here are other reasons why you should send people a great welcome email.

1. Welcome Emails Are Excellent Time Savers

Connecting with new leads is a tedious, time-consuming process for even the smallest business. These are not a problem with welcome emails because they are sent automatically to new subscribers.

Today, a ton of email marketing software can help us to create and send welcome emails effortlessly.

2. Welcome Emails Set Proper Customer Expectations

Welcome emails tell potential customers about your company and why you’re the best in the market on your terms. Don’t you just love it when you call the shots?

With welcome emails, you can set expectations for your offer and business before customers even have an opportunity to ask for something.

Welcome emails also set the following expectations:

  • Your email communication channels.
  • Types of emails you will send.
  • How often you will send emails.

Setting these expectations can get people excited about your future emails and prevent two things; (a) reporting your email as spam, and (b) unsubscribes.

3. A Great Welcome Email Grabs Attention

Here's another interesting fact: the read rate for welcome emails is 34% compared to 24% for regular commercial emails.

Great welcome email - Read rate

As email marketers, we can't ignore this precious opportunity to spark more engagement with our leads.

Your welcome email should wow people. It should be beautiful and well-designed, making a positive first impression and providing people value they can't get anywhere else.

Also, keep in mind that you need to continue to nurture leads with an outstanding landing page, follow-up emails, and other personalized marketing strategies once someone clicks on your email.

4. Welcome Emails Establish Brand Loyalty

You can build lifelong relationships with loyal customers using a great welcome email.

A study shows that people that read at least one welcome message read more than 40% of their messages from the sending brand in the following 180 days.

With that said, take advantage of that engagement rate by creating meaningful customer-to-brand interactions within your welcome email.


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How To Write A Great Welcome Email

Wondering how to write a great welcome email? We've got you covered. Here are some key elements to consider for YOUR welcome email.

1. Set Expectations FIRST!

Set the following expectations when creating a welcome email: 

  • Email frequency - daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • When you'll send subscribers emails - am, pm, weekdays, or weekends.
  • What email content subscribers will receive from you (free or paid) - downloadable resources, checklists, original or curated content, actionable advice, online tools, etc.
  • The format for each email - plain text, plain HTML, responsive.
  • How long will your email be - short messages with 100 words or less' or long-form content with 800 words and above.

2. Highlight The Benefits Of Being A Subscriber

You have a pretty good idea of what matters to your subscribers if you genuinely understand them. When it comes to the benefits of being a subscriber, there are a few different kinds:

The Obvious Benefits

These benefits are easy to understand and subscribers receive when they subscribe to your email list.

For example: 

  • A free download or checklist.
  • Access to a free tool on your site.
  • Product or service discounts.
  • A quiz.

You can confirm these obvious benefits by simply telling your subscribers what they've already received.

The Hidden Benefits

Subscribers receive these benefits unexpectedly when they join your email list.

For example:

  • "Subscribers-only" content.
  • Exclusive discounts.
  • Helpful deals.

These are valuable resources that your subscribers want.

The Surprise Benefits

These surprises are attractive and effective at keeping engagements high, especially if you know what your subscribers want.

For example:

  • Free gifts.
  • Access to unannounced events.
  • Helpful bonuses to improve your content, tools, or resources.

Do this right, and your subscribers will wait for your email content eagerly.

Recurring Benefits

These are anything valuable you share with your subscribers on a recurring or semi-recurring basis.

For example:

  • Sharing birthday or anniversary rewards.
  • Annual discounts.
  • Recurring events.
  • Annual research reports.

Recurring benefits are something subscribers are likely to engage with and give them a solid reason to pay attention to your email messages.

3. Apply The Micro-yes Sequence Method

The Micro-yes Sequence is a series of positive reactions, aka "nods" to a piece of marketing content that will hopefully result in a macro-yes or conversion.

Here's why a micro-yes sequence helps increase sales through email marketing:

  • Email subscribers learn to trust you.
  • Trust grows as subscribers become more comfortable with your brand.
  • A micro-yes sequence leads subscribers to take action at their own pace.
  • It lets you verify and validate each subscriber in your list. 
  • You can get the feedback you need to prepare for the next yes with the micro-yes sequence.
  • You can focus your customer's attention on a single offer.
  • You can turn subscribers into paying customers, leading them to bigger actions.

4. Create Engaging Email Content

The two biggest obstacles that marketers face in creating attention, curiosity, interest, and desire are lack of time and insufficient content quality and quantity.

Here are some quick ways to create engaging content:

  • Create emotional responses with what you write.
  • Share stories to draw people in.
  • Be human and let people get to know you.

And that's why it is crucial to send people a great welcome email!

Head over to the recommended resources section below to learn more about welcome emails. You can also set up a free consultation with us if you need help and outside eyes on this.

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So what do you think about this article? Are you ready to create a great welcome email?

Leave a comment below, and let's discuss.

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Have you tried one marketing tactic after another, and nothing seems to work?

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