Why Should You Consider Working With Influencers For Your Business




Working with influencers might not be your top priority right now, but let me tell you why you should consider it.

Businesses spend their marketing budgets on different advertising types to generate more leads and website traffic. Lead generation is still one of the biggest challenges for many businesses despite their investment into marketing.

Influencer marketing connects businesses and their audience through collaboration with social media influencers with many followers to reach their target audience and more traffic.

Influencer marketing is expected to grow to $162 million in 2020 and surpass $370 million dollars in 2027, according to the folks at Statista.

Working with influencers - Statistics

Influencer marketing platform market size worldwide from 2017 to 2027

Those stats prove one thing - you might want to consider working with digital influencers NOW!

But what exactly is a digital influencer? Let's find out next.

What Is A Digital Influencer?

Digital influencers are people with broad and engaged online followings on their blogs and social media platforms. They have built up authority and influence with their target audiences.

You may know them as:

  • Bloggers
  • Vloggers
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Youtubers
  • Tiktokers
  • Product Reviewers
  • Content Creators

Each influencer has built an online audience in a specific niche by publishing content that attracts and holds their followers' attention.

Digital influencers can help other brands attract attention, acquire prospects, and inspire buying decisions, making them power digital communications users.

Influencers are more humanized, friendly, and accessible to their followers compared to more traditional celebrity endorsers.

You'll want people that fit in categories like these if you're considering working with influencers for your business:

  • Industry leaders who have a large, engaged audience.
  • Influential, industry-focused writers or authors.
  • Famous industry spokespeople.
  • Trusted product reviewers.

Does Working With Influencers Have An Impact On Small Businesses?

Influencers can impact the Business To Consumer or B2C industry. But what about the Business To Business or B2B industry?

Well, here are statistics that show how impactful influencer marketing can be for small businesses:

  • According to Neilsen, Influencer content can have a 12% impact on brand awareness, a 15% impact on favourability, and a 17% impact on brand consideration. That gives small business owners a better understanding of the impact of their influencer marketing.
  • 81% of advertisers who already launched an influencer marketing campaign said it was effective.
  • According to BusinessWire, 71% of marketers believe ongoing ambassadorship is the most effective influencer marketing form.

These numbers show that influencer marketing is very effective for both B2C and B2B industries. Here are a few successful influencer marketing campaign examples:

1. Sapphire Conference Campaign

A software solutions provider called SAP is an excellent example of a company that successfully launched a B2B influencer marketing campaign like when they promoted their own Sapphire Conference.

Working with influencers - Influencer Marketing Sample 1

Influencers shared helpful insights and information on essential topics in video interviews. SAP also shared this content to their blog.

2. IBM Verse Campaign

In this influencer marketing campaign, IBM Verse lets its employees promote their products and services on various social media platforms.

Working with influencers - Influencer Marketing Sample 2

The first two weeks of launch resulted in 50,000 new registrations to IBM Verse.

3. Hubspot Blogs

HubSpot has been working with influencers for a very long time. The company has partnered with influencers like Ryan Philemon, who is heavily involved in sales and marketing niches.

Working with influencers - Influencer Marketing Sample 3

Influencers contribute to HubSpot's blog and share their experiences and expertise. Their content is helpful and insightful for readers because they are experts in their fields.


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8 Reasons Why You Should Be Working With Influencers

There are many reasons why you need to incorporate influencers within your marketing strategy. The bottom line is influencer marketing works.

Here are 8 of them.

1. Your Competitors Are Already Working With Influencers

As the statistics earlier show, an increasing number of brands are working with influencers. Your competitors are already reaping the benefits of influencer marketing.

Shouldn't you do the same, too?

2. Influencers Help You Create More Content

In marketing and branding, producing high-quality content is vital.

Working with influencers such as vloggers and Youtubers helps create content about your brand, which you can share with your existing audience.

3. Influencers Have a Deep Relationship With Their Audience

Influencers have a deep connection with their audience. They know the type of content that will engage their audience.

This strong bond means influencers know what to publish, when to publish, and how often to connect with their audience. That's how influencers maintain that connection.

4. Influencers Are Already Communicating With Your Target Audience

If you are having problems engaging your target market, let influencers do it for you.

Influencers are specialists in their niche. When your target audience matches theirs, half the work is complete. Influencers have already made the connection to retain constant interaction with your audience.

As a result, you get access to an already vetted group of potential prospects, leads, and customers when working with influencers

5. Influencers Help Build Brand Awareness And Trust

The trust and loyalty that digital influencers build with their audiences are among their most valuable assets.

According to convince and convert, 63% trust influencer messages more than brand messages.

When you work with an influencer the trust they have with their audience naturally transfers to your brand. Why would they be promoting a brand they don't trust?

6. Influencers Are Innovative

Innovation is one of the essential characteristics of attracting attention in today's crowded digital space.

Influencers believe this and work every day to interact in unique and creative ways with their audiences.

7. Influencers Improve Your Site's SEO Rankings

Working with digital influencers doesn't always mean sharing your products or services on social media platforms. You can collaborate with influencers by requesting a brand mention on their blog. They can also share one of your blogs or articles.

Doing so will help you generate high-quality backlinks to your website, which improves your SEO ranking.

Backlinks are vital because they build your website's domain and page authorities. A backlink is an inbound link when another site uses an external link that points to your domain. The more of these you can obtain, the better.

8. Influencers Generate Sales

Influencers enable brands to tap into niche audiences with tailor-made content so the message will resonate with target prospects and drive higher conversions.

According to Tomoson, businesses are making $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. Influencers are necessary for converting your prospects into buying customers.

And those are the reason why you should consider working with influencers for your business!

Check out the recommended resources section below to learn more about this marketing tactic. Also, don't hesitate to TALK TO US if you need a one-on-one session about influencer marketing.

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Get the outside eyes and feedback you need to get on the right path with your marketing.

Gain clarity and understanding. You'll leave your discovery call knowing where to focus your marketing efforts right now to get the best return on your investment.

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